Cole's New Voice: Music to the Ears

After watching the latest inFAMOUS trailer one thing stood out above all else and that was Cole’s new voice which sounds just as good as that of the first game if not better...

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Vegeta90002905d ago

It's the same new VA as the last trailers. He sounds exactly the same as that and he's nowhere near as good as the original VA in the first game.

wiggles2905d ago

I miss the Cole who sounded like he smoked a pack a day.

Quagmire2905d ago

He sounded like a bag of gravel in a blender

Warprincess1162905d ago

I don't want a new voice! I want a new FACE!

MintBerryCrunch2905d ago

i have a bigger problem with them mixing the old and new cole to get the character we have now...should have just left him alone...his face looks all mushed together now

anasurimbor2905d ago

Eh. His Solid Snake voice was better. Pointless change.

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