Plants Vs Zombies PSN Trailer

Spoiler Alert… it looks like Plants Vs Zombies!

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B-Real2063790d ago

my only hope is that this game isn't 14.99

pangitkqb3790d ago

I've played through Plants vs. Zombies on my iPhone4, Gaming PC, and Macbook Pro. This is one hell of a fun game.

If you haven't played yet I strongly recommend giving it a go on any platform.

Godmars2903790d ago

Well, how much is it on Steam and XBL? That tells you right there. Otherwise wait till it goes on sale.

Tripl3seis3790d ago

This game needs to be atleast 5 or 6 bucks if they do that they would sell a ton on the psn but ofcurse that's my opinion

3790d ago
Solbadguy3790d ago

I got this game on PC for $5 during a Steam sale but still going to get it at full price for PSN ($15 is my limit though). This game is so good that I spent 2 hours on the demo for PC and the full game seems pretty long.

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