3DS or NGP?

MMGN: It’s a question with a seemingly simple answer, until you think about it. After being caught up in the unprecedented PlayStation Meeting and the announcement of the NGP, which went above and beyond all expectations, it was easy to forget all about the 3DS. However, now that nearly a week has passed and we’ve come back down to Earth, which handheld should you buy?

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Joni-Ice3794d ago

Im getting the NGP however my step-daughter is getting the 3DS.

klado3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Both, but first the 3DS ^.^, screw whoever disagree.

TheLastGuardian3793d ago

NGP is day 1 for me. I'll get the 3DS when the lite version comes out.

Joni-Ice3793d ago

The 3DS is cool, but Im a tech geek. All my devices offer me multi-functions. The geek in me came out when I seen the specs. For some reason the tech just blows my mind.

arika3793d ago

its a no brainer decision, NGP for me, then i'm going to buy a 3DS for my niece.

TBM3793d ago

really another one of these articles? fine i'm getting NGP, and skip the 3DS since i don't want to force my bad eyes to view 3D on a small screen.

eagle213794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I'm getting 3DS and so are a gazillion others who don't frequent :)

jammydude3794d ago

*a gazillion other casual gamers.

Vorgier3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Ignorant fool.

/sprays fanboy repellent.

Joni-Ice3794d ago

People can act retarded. Why do they disagree when a person chooses which system they perfer to buy? Damn Im scared to say what console I own. It may offend somebody. /s

pain777pas3793d ago

Joni-ice I'm with you. Sales DO NOT MATTER TO ME AS A GAMER. I had the Dreamcast at launch and the Gamecube. Am I an idiot? To some maybe. I got to play the best Capcom had to offer with DC and the best online sports games at the time which was revolutionary for a console. Wind Waker, the Primes and Double Dash and T Of S was worth getting the GC. Yes I did have a PS2 and PSP last gen. However you get the point I'm trying to make here. NGP is the handheld that I AM most excited about. Yes, 3DS had me from E3 until last week. LOL! This is just the state of affairs. We all have preferences and noone should be condemned and slandered just because they want something you don't and vice versa. We are all fanboys if we like x and not y. No. I think X has more to offer ME than Y. See it is simple.

Vorgier3793d ago

I swear I need to stop coming to this site. So many people think they are "hardcore" gamers because they own a Sony device and think they are all mighty.

You call yourself a gamer? Nintendo... casual? A little, maybe. Do you live under a fucking rock or are you just a biased moron like 90% of the people who come here?

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Pixel_Enemy3794d ago

I prefer NGP to 3DS personally. I preferred PSP to DS as well

klado3794d ago

I did as well, but this time, doubt I'll, 3DS has enough power to maintain me assured of great games, but the NGP doesn't fall short so both.

Vorgier3793d ago

I was excited when I first got my PSP, then I realized all the games sucked, except for a small handful.

Then I bought a DS...

Yeah... don't fuck this one up Sony.

Shackdaddy8363794d ago

Both are good. I will get the cheaper one first then get the other later when I'm not broke.

Agheil3794d ago

NGP for sure!!! and its a maybe for the 3DS but leaning to yes

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