Sony Can Dominate Portable Market With NGP

Let’s face it, Sony’s next portable gaming platform will have just about everything people were asking for, and then some. It is getting dual analog sticks, touch screen, trophy support, cameras, GPS, 3G, Wi-fi, and more. What I don’t get is why so many people are concerned about the price. Everybody is already speculating the thing is going to be overpriced and will fall short of expectation.

For the Playstation faithful, I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. Sony has their head on straight, and know that this may be their shot and reclaiming their gaming title. They will not let us down.

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AndrewRyan3794d ago

Of course they can. But it is easier said then done.

rrw3794d ago

If sony can make NGP same price with 3ds. They have huge chance to defeat nintendo.

Washington-Capitals3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

The nintendo brand in the portable market is what the sony brand is in the home console market. NGP will be great but it will in no way "dominate" the handheld market. Im not talking about the 3ds, im talking about DSi and current handhelds nintendo has out, they will remain out and people will continue to by them.

Just the same way the Wii holds onto casual gamers the nintendo handhelds will do that as well. They offer the most extensive lineup for children and have a good marketing team aiming for kids. If you walked into you local electronics store and asked what would you recommend for a child the rep would say nintendo and show them the games. The NGP is not aimed to the casual and for that reason it cant "dominate" the market.

ThanatosDMC3793d ago

It'll still be hard even with NGP priced lower than 3DS mainly because games like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc are home to Nintendo. Those are legendary games, imo.

LORD-PHOENIX3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

never underestimate nintendo...people did with the ds and wii me included...only way sony has any chance of competing is to take a loss on hardware and price ngp at 200 - 220

shoddy3793d ago

wich not many kids or parent well aware.
simple knowledge like connect online, copy and download.

in term of quality it already dominate
when ever you see the name Sony.

that's why all thier damn products cost like $500 more than other brand.

pain777pas3793d ago

Wash Caps you are right. However, Sony with Playstation Suite can get a name for themselves in the handheld space. This is a company strategy more than just the release of another handheld. This is a multi revenue stream approach incase the NGP fails they still have an in until they can get things right. Truth is they can always add phone functionality if they want to. This will be interesting to say the least.

rrw3793d ago

i know that they have to fight with nintendo brand.

Probably not "dominate" the market but to have head to head with 3ds.

reason why ds beat psp is because lower price point (the different is around 100-50). more over casual audience which Nintendo is good at tend not like price point above 200.

basically nintendo want to make bigger share on hardcore audience (not just Nintendo fan)in which NGP is more attractive to them.

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Shackdaddy8363794d ago

Well, its hard to tell... I mean, nintendo still has a huge handheld community.

Plus isnt the 3ds cheaper than the NGP(I can be wrong)?

We will see once both come out. I want to buy both but IDK which one to buy first and it's killing me.

Octo13793d ago

Nah. I'm excited for the NGP but I don't see it dominating.Nintendo has an anaconda hold on the portable market. I think Sony will be just as happy is they were able to get half of the hand held market away from Nintendo. But hey you will never know. PS1 and PS2 did own those respective gen.

Shok3793d ago

Over Nintendo? I don't think so.

The NGP will no doubt be great, but you just can't beat Nintendo in the handheld market.

Chromer3793d ago

but you better believe Sony is paying attention this time and will seize the opportunity left by Nintendo. Many people either like the 3DS or dislike it solely because of the price. Sony has the chance to grab that group of people who don't like the price for a handheld that would be worth putting that kind of money towards.

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