Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2, But She Shouldn't

An opinion rant about EA's marketing campaign for Dead Space 2 and why it's a bad thing.

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x8003794d ago

your mum hates this your mom hates that just STFU already!

ExplosionSauce3794d ago

Those commercials are terrible.

Ok we get it. Parents hate it, so it must be "cool". Buy it.
Glad I got to play it before I saw them, otherwise I would have been completely put off.

Angels37853794d ago

Those adds are the stupidest and smartest adds I have ever seen. I was watching the commercial with my buddy and his kids that are around 15/16 years old. The commercial came on and right after the part when it says "YOUR MOM HATES DEAD SPACE 2" my buddy says " Then why the hell would we buy it"? That is an excellent point when I though about it since when I was a child and in many houses today the wife makes decisions with the kids, that is why they are stupid. The reason they are smart is because its reverse psychology with the kids going against their parents which will cause for a lot of begging till parents give in, or the kid getting DS2 anyway.

ExplosionSauce3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

The tone and attitude of those ads seem to aim at kids and young teens.
Which is funny because the game is rated "M" after all and people 17, 18+ don't care what their parents think of their games.

So in a way, they're pointless.

Angels37853793d ago

Agree 100%. I have a buddy who has a child that is 4 years old and plays Grand theft auto: Vice City. But yea most people who would even have the balls to buy DS2 don't care what their parents think.

MeatAbstract3793d ago

If you're mum hates this game, tell her to leave you alone, you're 18 and you can play what you like now.

But seriously, most kids play these games because this is the sort of stuff kids want. Horror, gore, violence, teenagers love this stuff and the 18/M rating just make it all the more alluring.

Good ad though, they using this in the UK or are they just sticking with the Smashing Pumpkins song with quotes from IGN flying at you?