Rare Medal of Honor Limited Edition for Xbox 360 only $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING at Newegg

Conflicting Gamers - "I’m sure we can all agree that their are no shortage of war games, and in my opinion, their are two major ones to choose from: Call of Duty…and Medal of Honor. For all you Medal of Honor fans, Newegg has the deal for you! For a limited time, you can pick up a copy of the Medal of Honor Limited Edition for only $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING! How rare is the Limited Edition? Well I couldn’t even FIND it listed on Amazon."

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multipayer3793d ago

WTF is Rare making for Xbox 360!? Erm.. Medal of Honor is kewl

fromasterjay3793d ago

Rare - Adjective - unusual; uncommon: a rare disease; His visits are rare occasions.

multipayer3793d ago

That's what Rare means to you? You're dead to me...

lil Titan3793d ago

got my PS3 copy for $25, COME ON BF3 BETA!

Hitman07693793d ago

Tight! Can't get the HD remake of MoH Frontline but still a great great price.

SeNiLesBack3793d ago

Actually, the Details tab on newegg says you do get MoH Frontline.

SeNiLesBack3793d ago

OK, Hitman is right. You will not get the remake of Medal of Honor: Frontline.

Newegg has a mistake on the Details for Medal of Honor Limited Edition stating it includes: Medal of Honor: Frontline.

If you recently bought the Limited Edition from newegg, contact them regarding this problem and maybe, just maybe you can get a discount or something for the trouble. I would print out the Detail page before they pull it.

Wenis3793d ago

In other words; get the Battlefield 3 Beta for only $19.99!

SeNiLesBack3793d ago

...and get MoH LE for free, LOL

daylo3793d ago

walmart has a tax deal on games just bought 3 games today...COD LE 20.00 street fighter 4 15.00 bayonetta 10.00. They had more to bioshock 2 10.00 ratchet and clank 15.00 PS3 had about 6 rows of games 360 had only one. It looked like the display just hit the floors today.

BobbyMcCOOL3793d ago

I Love good deals, glad I didn't get this at release saved about 50 dollars. nice

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