Dead Space 2 Outsells Original 2 to 1

Dead Space 2 is currently outpacing sales of its predecessor by a factor of two to one, publisher EA has announced.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2814d ago

I bought DS 2 after only renting DS 1. After playing DS1 I knew I couldn't go wrong buying DS 2 ASAP.

I think there are alot of people like me who rented, borrowed, or heard about DS 1 and ended up buying DS 2.

Also, alot more people have ps3/360 now.

ABizzel12814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

That's great news for EA. I guess we'll be seeing Dead Space 3 in a few years. Dead Space is one of the best multiplat games around.

STICKzophrenic2814d ago

I would say it's one of the best games around, period. Exclusive or not, the Dead Space franchise stacks up against the Uncharted, Killzone, Halo, Gears of War, etc franchises.

I played the first Dead Space through GameFly, and I think I bought it through them before I even finished it.

Dead Space 2 was a day one must buy for me. I regret not buying the first brand new. Visceral Games (formerly Redwood Shores)/EA definitely deserve the new purchase sales.

nycredude2814d ago

Good to see people have figured out this is a great series! Loved the first and the second is way better!

This game is up there with the great exclusives.

If you can handle the stress get it!

BakedGoods2814d ago

...that new IP's are worth investing--even if the first one doesn't set records. Good IP's take time to mature with the public (although DS1 was phenomenal).

Zydake2814d ago

I never played Dead Space and had no interest of even playing it but when I saw gameplay of the first chapter for Dead Space 2 I ran off to get it

HmongAmerican2814d ago

if you missed out on the first game i think you need to play it before playing part 2. part 1 is still good and you can find it cheap.

Zydake2813d ago

Actually I was going to buy it on Amazon it was like $14 but when I was gonna order it the price raised =/

Red_Phoenix2814d ago

I think its because this one has a [email protected]#$ load more advertising. I literally see the commercial throughout the whole day on all different channels such as the discovery channel, spike, comedy central, and a few other random ones.

Raptura2814d ago

I don't remember the Dead Space marketing campaign.. but this one sure is memorable.

ActionBastard2814d ago

You don't remember the creepy "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" ads?

VenomProject2814d ago

The first Dead Space's marketing campaign was pretty decent.

You had physical comics, digital comics, a dvd movie, an Isaac Clarke action figure, and that commercial with the twinkle twinkle little star jingle.

People didn't buy it because they saw that it was a new ip and were on the fence. Dead Space 2 is selling well because the first received decent scores.

Good for Visceral, I eagerly await Dead Space 3.

STICKzophrenic2814d ago

I think another reason people didn't buy it was because EA was attached for it. They generally aren't known for having amazing games likes this, or at least they weren't when the first one released.

TANUKI2814d ago

God, both games are too awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.