This Week in the DC Universe - #2: Quests, Side Missions, + Travel Logistics

PI writes, "This Week in the DC Universe I take a look at the Quests and their involving Missions as well as the logistics of what it's like to travel in the large-scale Action MMO. I'll provide some tips that may help make the experience more enjoyable for those of you playing along and do my best to describe the scenarios you'll come across if this is your reading material before jumping in...."

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Hitman07692815d ago

This is a truly good read, some of it I already knew already from watching my Dad beast on this game but a lot of it is surprising and shows just how deep this Action MMO gets. To me this game redefines what an MMO can be.

fromasterjay2815d ago

Still on the fence about this game.... Not a fan of monthly fees....

Passthemic2815d ago

DC Universe is shockingly good, and i'm not the biggest MMO fan.

SpaceSquirrel2815d ago

Very detailed report. DC Universe sounds fun. I might jump in soon.

hatchimatchi2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Bought it last night. The game isn't perfect but it's loads of fun. I'm curious what the sales figures are. It seems to be doing well. Hopefully the number of subscribers increases and other mmo developers take notice.

Lulabarbie2815d ago

Great article! Thanks for the tips!

9thGenHero2815d ago

Damn, I need to continue this game, need to finish my other games grrr

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