Top 5 Reasons why Nintendo 3DS will rule 2011

3DSTribe take a look at reasons why Nintendo's 3DS will rule 2011.

3DSTribe writes: "While the Microsofts and Sonys of the world have only just caught up with Nintendo’s last revolutionary gaming tech – motion controls – the Big N have only gone and came up with the next big thing to hit the gaming world. The 3DS promises to be this year’s must-have piece of tech and for this midweek feature we here are going to look at just how it will rule 2011".

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Kon2868d ago

Just the fact that have "Nintendo" name involved is a reason.

BattleAxe2868d ago

Because NGP won't be out until Christmas time or early 2012.

Kran2868d ago

That didnt stop Kinect.

N4g_null2868d ago

Nintendo has nothing to do about it in name. It's there games.
It's always been there games the proof is the n64 and gc hardly any good games sort of like the ps3. Great exclusives that no one buys and a fan base waiting on them to be ms.

CaptainPunch2868d ago

This coming from a site with 3D in it.

disgaeapuchi2868d ago

Well it's not exactly the Official Nintendo Magazine. It's an independent website, much like how independent magazine NGamer (the opposite of the Official Magazine in the UK) shows little bias towards Nintendo.

And it's not like any of the reasons in the article aren't valid or ridiculous...

disgaeapuchi2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Since many people are disagreeing with me - would a biased towards 3DS site really admit and go into detail that Apple's App Store is miles ahead of 3DS's eShop, to point out Nintendo have disappointed in the aspect of online retail?

@Parapraxis - actually, when did Sony or Microsoft remove the barrier to 3D that was costly technology (3DTVs) and glasses required for 3D? 3DS is the first massmarket 3D device with 3D content from day one. Your sentence is only true if you don't look in the grand scheme of things.

Parapraxis2868d ago

"Big N have only gone and came up with the next big thing to hit the gaming world."
They came up with it sporkhead?
I'm pretty sure Sony has been doing 3D gaming for a few months now, and it is actually thanks to Sony pushing the tech along with others that Nintendo saw the potential.

Ducky2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

^ Yea, Sony is pushing 3D tech, despite it being available on PC ages ago.

See what happens when you take things too literally?

Veneficus2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )


You know Nintendo has been messing around with 3D for decades now, right?

Veneficus2868d ago

What fanboy would disagree with what I just said? It is FACT that Nintendo has been messing around with 3D for decades. Look it up.

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eagle212868d ago

I wonder what success looks like in 3D? Nintendo. :)

This will be like running a marathon the entire time sprinting...serious units will fly off dem shelves. I recently watched that Layton vs. Ace Attorney trailer....please bring it worldwide Nintendo. :)

Lyr1c2868d ago

Looks like a bunch of remastered games from previous generations and very few new installments.

N4g_null2868d ago

I know I beat kid icarus a long time ago. Also no one wants those games they want lame stories and copycat games


All you can say is it's a fan site? So I guess no one should listen to fanboys?

AWBrawler2867d ago

who disagrees with Layton vs Phoenix?

And its new games in there too. Do I need to list them all gain.
2 of the main games I"m eyeing are new games. Time Travelers and Steel Diver, and my main one is a whole new game from the orignal, Kid Icarus Uprising

Samus HD2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Nintendo's 3DS will rule 2011 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 .....

NJShadow2868d ago

The 3DS sorta has to rule '11, since it's coming out so early. But I think it's safe to say that the NGP has '12 on lock. ;)

disgaeapuchi2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Have a read of this: . You can't make such statements about PSP2, wink or no wink, it's too early to decide on the system's fate. We know far more about 3DS. ;)

@Parapraxis - it isn't putting it down, it's merely accessing it in the grand scheme of things, that is, if you've been living in the real gaming world in the last 3 years, smartphones are taking over. GameCentral also wrote a similar article about 3DS and how it's definitely going to be more difficult for Nintendo to gain the sales of the DS this time round, thanks to Apple and the App Store. Your argument is a flawed one.

Parapraxis2868d ago

Oh right, people can't say PSP2 might do well in 2012 because of 1 article that is putting it down?

Sorry sporkhead but you don't have the authority/reasoning to tell NJShadow that he cannot hold his position.

starcrafter2868d ago

Yeah, the PSP2 doesn't appeal to casual gamers the way the 3DS does, so it won't sell as much. The same as Muse don't appeal to little girls as much as Justin Bieber does.

Then again the 3DS doesn't appeal to hardcore gamers the way the PSP2 does, so...

kramun2868d ago

I'm one of those hardcore gamers and it appeals to me. Don't try and speak for all of us starcrafter.

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