Fight Night: Champion Tyson vs Ali & Cotto vs Pacman Gameplay (HD 720p)

Ve3tro writes: "Also released today on Xbox Live was a playable demo for Fight Night: Champion. It features Tyson, Ali & Cotto and Pacquiao.

So here’s two videos featuring 3 rounds each of Tyson vs Ali & Cotto vs Pacman in glorious HD."

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zeeshan8102868d ago

Like always EA adds Tyson and Ali. :P
OMG..I can't wait!

Yi-Long2868d ago

... but sadly, wasn't too impressed with it. I was a huge fan of FN2 on the original Xbox, but here I didn't really 'feel' the punches, plus it seemed my fighter didn't really do as I instructed him.

Might be a nice impulse-buy when I come across it in the bargain-bin 6 months from now.

willie322868d ago

I agree with your assessment. I just finished playing the game. There was too much lag with the punches.