PlayStation Move Heroes collaborate on PS3 this March, new screens released

CC: Sony’s announced that the upcoming superhero come-together, PlayStation Move Heroes, will launch exclusively for PS3 on March 22.

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Dart893794d ago

F*** yea gonna pre order it later.

Hitman07693794d ago

I've always enjoyed the PS Move and this title looks like it has all the recipes for fun.

Denocao3794d ago

if I only didn't have to calibrate the freaking thing all the time...

ActionBastard3794d ago

Your avatar is WIN. Full Throttle was/is fantastic.

ActionBastard3794d ago

Another game to play with my kids. Really looking forward to this!

TANUKI3793d ago

I've wanted this for awhile, but I'm still trying to scrounge funds to buy Killzone 3 :(

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