Cross Game Chat – Episode 24

It’s Monday and with that here is Episode 24 of Cross Game Chat, the official podcast of PlayStation LifeStyle. Sit back, grab your headphones and get ready to have your mind blown!

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blackpanther252842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Not banging on I love site and a member, but somethings that are revealed in japan are only meant for the Japanese.

I hear all this bitchin about Versus and its kool but you have to understand that there is a reason they don't show it off at E3 or any other american/european event and that is because westerners do not like being teased for years. The japanese may like it and thats why they release new videos at events there but don't complain about seeing a video for the japanese and say that they are teasing westerners. They are not and all this new info we are getting on it is from translated articles meant for the japanese public

Besides that nice podcast.....lets even talk about FF 13-2 because that game is obviously going to use a lot of the assets from FF 13...that is why a sequel is releasing so soon. I wouldn't put it past them apparently they copied assets over from ff 11 to ff 14 at one point

Death2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

"Cross Game Chat, the official podcast of PlaystationLifestyle"... Anyone else enjoying the irony of this?


VenomProject2842d ago

I was seriously just thinking the same thing.

(Deathscythe ftw)

wsoutlaw872842d ago

im sure it wasn't an accident

DiLeCtioN2842d ago

You guys know how to get attention don't you :/

iliimaster2842d ago

im pretty sure the ps3 will never see cross game chat or it will come so late i wouldnt even care anymore.... ive been pushing all my friends to get a ps3 but when i think about it for what? great single player experience but what else? im donw with trying to build my friends list on my ps3 its useless im very much looking forward to the new xbox

niceguyWii32842d ago

lol pathetic attempt at trolling

iliimaster2841d ago

trolling how? i own currently 3 xbox 360 games... mw2 gears 1 and 2 ... i own over 20 ps3 games... over 200 bluray movies.... ive convinced atleast 3 friends of getting a ps3... im just fed up with the lack of cross game chat support period... but you wouldnt care otherwise... have a great day

iliimaster2841d ago

by the way guy look at all my posts history it will strongly disagree with your comment i was 100% ps3 but i mean its time i gave up on this cross game chat hope...