Who's That Flying? - PC Review by Brash Games

Every once in a while a game comes along that makes you play and play and play and play, until your eye's begin to bleed and your hands cramp up in agony. Who's That Flying, from Mediatonic is one of those games. You are the invincible protector of Earth, all round good guy, super cool, with awesome talent and flair, steely eyed and toting a HYPER-POWERED LASER ARM, which must be really cool as it's in capitals. However, you are up in front of the Galactic Council, protectors from each of the planets, accused of gross incompetence and a severe case of showboating for a magazine and to top it off, you have to defend Earth against the Doom Beasts, black creatures that are all mouth and who like nothing more than to tuck into a five course belly buster of Earth's most beloved cities.

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