SOCOM 4 - 6 minutes MP gameplay video

Eurogamer has release one gameplay video from SOCOM 4.

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Dante1124511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

Not bad, just add lean and take off the last 2 minutes e-tag pop up in a round on the Classic Mode (I understand that it's to stop campers from just sitting and waiting it out to win or draw the round once time runs out) in the upcoming months and I'm good.

metsgaming4510d ago

it sounds like they have really bad aim and are just hitting metal the whole time, it got annoying after awhile. lol should be a good game !

killcycle4510d ago

the sound is real.
If you was in a war in the street it's the same thing guns hitting metal and people shouting then an explosion here n there.

Reminds me of the news when I see footage of US and British soldiers fighting in Iraq.

Headquarters114510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )


Anyways, I love Socom. This game could get low scores and I'm still buying it day one.

Socom = best gaming community.

KozmoOchez4510d ago

Agreed: Play right, or get out of the game lol. It sounds elitist but it makes the games play better

BattleAxe4510d ago

Socom will never be what it was on PS2. Personally for me its too little too late. I expected this franchise to be top priority when the PS3 originally came out, but now we're getting a game that looks just like MAG, which is a let down. The community in Confrontation was full of mouthy idiots who would try to tell you how to play the game when they were always the first ones to die, so I'd probably kill a guy like you at the begining of every round KozmoOchez. Aside from what the game looks like, the maps all look really open just like MAG. I'm just not convinced about this game yet.

vickers5004506d ago

It's the absolute worst f*cking community in existence.


You mean play perfectly, without one single tiny mistake, without having the slightest bit of fun. It's not even about playing for the objective with these guys, it's about pretty much not getting killed more than once or else you get kicked.

No thanks. The Socom community are the absolute worst scumbags on the planet. I'd rather play a game with Charlie Manson over those elitist douchebags.

swat4510d ago

MAG all over Again with annoying Sounds. and yah TPS

Ch1d0r14510d ago

lol thats how i feel. It looks exactly like when you die in MAG, that small window you get to observe in TPS.

But the gameplay is totally diff.

SQWERCH4509d ago

buddy enough with the hate and buy a PS3 already

ian724510d ago

If you watch the video carefully you can see people leaning out of cover. Not many were though.


Yup, around the begin of the video (1st map) I can see people leaning, chouching and crawling... To the point I don't get what people mean by "lacking stealth gameplay". Can someone please further explain?

I'm not saying I'm not worried (health regen, tactical strikes and respawn ranked rooms are my concern so far) but gameplay/shooting mechanics wise it looks ok for the most part (would have to test cover system before saying for sure), the only stealth element I don't see there is suppressed guns (haven't noticed any in video) but I'm quite sure weapon customization will be there... It just looks like guys on this video play like crazy kids running around and shooting all the time (listen to the continuous metal hitting noise LOL).

Worth mentioning I started playing SOCOM online on PS3's Confrontation (on PS2 I played single player only) so it's quite possible I'm missing something that is also missing in last SOCOM.

AKA4510d ago

i think they will add the features little by little.

ps. off topic

estoy buscando para my clan de socom 4 solo hablamos espanhol en el si buscas clan para socom 4 agregame en psn.


BX814510d ago

@ killcycle LMAO! The 1st Socom game I played was the last one on the PS3. I remember it because I had these really good Sony Headphones on I was looking at my controller (Noob) to see where the buttons were, and someone from my team shot an AT4 off right next to me and it hit the wall. I flashed back to Iraq for a second. My heart was racing like crazy. I'm sure this game is going to have realistic sounds as well.

pain777pas4510d ago

This game is going to be boss as far as multiplayer goes. I have a feeling this could be the best multiplayer game of the year. Zipper knows what they're doing. This may be too hardcore though for some but the Socom community is LOYAL and this is their game.

Hedberg4510d ago

I am certain the multiplayer will be great....the single player campaign looks very impressive. The video here just shows a few different maps with fire-fights basically....will be nice to see some player-view vids of multiplayer with actual objectives. Zipper knows their stuff and this game will be excellent. So tired of CoD and the like. It's time for Socom to get back into the game.

Gamer_Z4509d ago

Keep in mind that i prefer my PS3 over my xbox but I think Socom 4 could look a lot better considering it’s a PS3 exclusive.

I know I’m going to get blasted for saying that, but it’s the truth so let the disagrees come I don’t give a f*ck

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Muffins12234510d ago

looks okay,not really alot of hype for this game

SQWERCH4509d ago

Not alot of hype and its going to turn out to be the most supported MP out of all the games coming out.