NBA 2K11 Becomes 2K Sports' Fastest Selling Title with Almost 4 Million Sold

What happens when your biggest rival misses the big game? An instant win for you. Late last year, EA Sports decided to cancel NBA Elite 11 instead of releasing a poor product. This left 2K Sports’ NBA 2K11 as the sole licensed NBA basketball game on the shelves. Well today, 2K announced that the title has sold nearly 4 million copies worldwide since its launch in October of 2010. This makes the basketball game 2K Sports' fastest selling title in the franchise and in the history of the publishing label.

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Buff10442868d ago

Great news! Congrats to 2K!

BigKev452868d ago

It is a great game. Best b-ball game ever.

Checkmate2868d ago

the power of #23. G.O.A.T.

donniebaseball2868d ago

Yeah, good news indeed for 2K. I wonder what EA Sports is going to do next year. They would be better off forgetting sim basketball and hype up the Jam series

badboy8082868d ago

I would buy it but the online SUCKS

kaveti66162868d ago

I posted a comment about that a few days ago and was immediately attacked.

This game gets so much credit but no reviewers have wanted to address the online issues. The servers are poorly supported. It can take as long as a few hours to find a player.

Team players who want to join into a match together are usually separated.

And then there's the hacking issue. A good chunk of the online community has found an exploit that allows them to obtain around 30 million experience points instantly (requires a USB and some simple code download) and now there are thousands of max-ranked players online who didn't earn their experience.

This issue was also present in 2K10, and Take 2 apparently has no intention of fixing the problem.

The marketing and hype surrounding this game have blinded the fans to the fact that it has some serious issues.

thugbob2868d ago


LOOK, if you are getting the game for online only then I understand why you don't like NBA2K11. I only play offline (and not because the online sucks, but because as long as sports games have animations, there will always be BS that will occur) so I enjoy 2K11 very much.

@kaveit6616 who thinks 2k11 sucks as balls just because the online sucks.

LOOK, People know that online has issues. Think back to when sports games did not have online. To claim that a sports game sucks just because the online is shitty is just wrong imo.

As for the hacking, I agree it sucks balls, but 2K11 did ban some that obviously cheated when the game initially released.

kaveti66162868d ago

The game cost 65 bucks right? That was the MSRP.

If you ask Take 2 to list all the reasons why they think the game should cost 65 bucks, they're going to list the online portion of the game as a major component.

So, for you personally, I get why you love it. None of the issues I complained about affect your enjoyment of the game.

Good for you.

But online is a big deal for some people, especially people who are paying for XBL gold. My friends have this game and they're always complaining about it. They love the gameplay, but are rarely able to connect to a match. So that's not something that should be ignored by reviewers.

If you don't complain about this problem, then Take 2 won't do anything about it.

It's better to complain about it.

thugbob2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

What I'm saying is that 2K11 is a good game. Yes it has online issues that should be complained about and addressed, but that shouldn't be the AUTOMATIC for why 2K11 sucks.

BlazeCP32868d ago


the reason you were attacked was because your claims were wack...

i am no 2k fanboy but just a few hours ago i hopped on 2k11 to find an online match... took me about 7 or 8 minutes to find a match. That is indeed not acceptable. But basketball game does last a good 30-35 minutes... so thats the equivalent to 3 matches of COD? 2 or 3 minutes to find each match its THAT big of a deal is it? Anyways, after i played the one match I searched right away and found another one in about 2 minutes. Finished that match and then found another in about 3 minutes after that. Except for the 3rd and 4th quarters it lagged a bit and that made the gameplay suffer.

^My point being is that while the online isnt perfect by any means. It is certainly playable. Generally it is not perfect while matchmaking. Playing with friends i have no issues.

If you think about it though... theres not as many people playing 2k11 as there would be COD or Halo or w/e big name game... theres only about 10000 on at any given time... split that up into all the different game modes and people searching to people actually in game and it would be kind of hard to find a match.

I really could care less about the leaderboards and people cheating... how does that even affect you i dont know...

this game deserves all of the hype it received... because the gameplay was so innovative and smooth and perfect... along with the many game modes... and the depth of all of the players, ratings, tendencies, how they play, beautiful graphics... the online is mediocre for some... but thats an afterthought

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