Sessler's Soapbox: Concerns Over The PlayStation NGP.

Adam takes the time to discuss all the trouble he sees for Sony's new portable gaming system, the NGP/PSP2.

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DeeZee2815d ago

I agree with him, it is annoying that they haven't given it a real name or that we don't know when/where it's coming out first.

Dart892814d ago

It will most likley come out in japan this year and everywhere else next year.After the 3ds effect has sumwat worn off.

Fred-G-Sanford2814d ago

My only real concern with the NGP is how comfortable it will (or won't) be to hold.
The dual analog sticks look like they might be in an uncomfortable/awkward position.

The specs sound awesome on this thing, though, so I look forward to buying one when they are available for under $200.

inveni02814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I don't even know who this is.

EDIT: And I think it's stupid that everything he says they're "doing wrong" is exactly how Microsoft went with Kinect...and that worked out okay. (Code name, unclear release window, etc.)

I_find_it_funny2814d ago

this Sessler dude is overrated

DatNJDom812814d ago

There it is! I was wondering where the g4tv Sony sucks article was. Great journalism/s

HolyOrangeCows2814d ago

The initial reveal isn't a "strong presentation"

Whoop. De. Freaking. Do.

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SpitFireAce852814d ago

Well i believe we have E3 for the when/where
part! and last time i checked remember Natal
aka Kinect.Microsoft told gamers 3 months
prior to release what its going to be called.
Sessler just didn't know what to talk about,
so he thought lets ask some random questions
that will get answered during E3 2011...

MAJ0R2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I disagree, his ranting was really random and the issues he talker about weren't really serious

it was more or less about how the name NGP was horrible, then he went on and talked about how he was concerned about the release date and Sony getting sales in Europe and U.S

saint_john_paul_ii2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Lets be honest here, people who are ranting or making negtive comments about the NGP is pretty much because they are skeptical about it due to the PSP not doing well in the west, which is understandable.

But, people shouldn't be talking out of their butt either. everything will become clear this E3. Besides, the NGP is off to a great start with Developers and most of the media. their first impressions are positive, and the devs think sony got it figured out this time and expect the prices on this will be at a competitive price point against the 3DS.

Again, some people have said it here. This isnt the Sony of 2005 were they were very egotistical thinking all of their products are going to sell like crazy at ridiculously high price points. This isnt the Ken-Kuturagi era anymore where he made developer's live hell on creating software for his expensive hardware that he created.

BTW: you can tell Adam Sessler is trying to come up with some form of negativity against the NGP, he's not even talking right..

callahan092814d ago

Been a while since I watched a Sessler's Soapbox episode. He's a very interesting guy to listen to, but I highly disagree with him on this.

First of all, he has a lot of complaints about how the product doesn't have an official name yet, and he says this more from the perspective of concern that it will hurt its public perception. Well, I seem to remember recently reading that the Kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronics device of all time, and that of course was known as Project Natal for an entire year before it was given its final name. Did that hurt it's sales? I don't see how you could possibly argue that it did.

I don't think the manner in which the existence of the hardware was announced to the public was wrong or bad or hurtful to its potential.

They don't have everything established yet, like an official release date, or launch lineup, or even a name and marketing strategy. Neither did Kinect (nee Natal) when it was announced. But it was the right thing to do to announce it now. Because otherwise, the 3DS comes and goes without anyone even knowing that there will be an alternative soon thereafter. You announce now, plant that seed in the public's mind and in the media's mind that there is this potentially awesome alternative, BEFORE the competition can launch with a completely empty field of competition, and THEN you reveal the concrete details a couple of months down the road at one of the next consumer electronics/videogame shows.

Personally, I think Sony did this one just right.

Deeloc2814d ago

so no one can wait for E3.i dont want to hear any more news about it till mind is more focus on Killzone and Socom right now.

Tilian2814d ago

Kinda like Natal, eh? Though I don't remember everybody having a fit.

Why should the NGP be annoying?

sashimi2814d ago

Sony made it Sony made it

P_Bomb2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Video not playing for me right now, but did Sessler really nitpick about the NGP buzzword? Kinect and Wii didn't get their names until shortly before launch. Surely he remembers Project Natal and the Revolution? That's not even an issue.

Even Uncharted Drake's Fortune was simply referred to as 'Untitled' for the longest time. I have magazines with screenshots and full previews as proof.

pain777pas2814d ago

Maybe he is a good friend of Reggie Fils Aime. Who knows? Everyone and their mother are trying to give NGP a hardtime. Would you like to know why? It is not concern. It is this fear that Sony will be back on top again and Microsoft may end up out in the cold. NGP could spur on PS3 sales if this play anywhere thing holds up. If Sony lose with NGP they will push Playstation Suite. Their strategy is wise. They are giving core gamers a system that they cannot deny with the specs and features that it boasts. No respectable journalist can argue this. PS3 launch was not great. They did not have PSN up to snuff for the next generation at launch. OK, I understand that. The system is now pretty much on par with Live and is still free to play games. I don't know why Sessler is complaining about something that is teased for E3 reveal. Nintendo has over a month to do their own damage control to get our money. We don't need you journalist trying to use Bush administration scare tactics. It is just rediculous. Give me the facts I will be the judge. The thing has been demoed like the move and kinect were without a name but we know what the device can do. Why is that a problem?

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gamingisnotacrime2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

1- is not always blue
2- is not available during night time
3- is not an MS patent, hence there is something wrong with it

Joni-Ice2814d ago

Is it worth watching? I hate supporting nonsense.

gamingisnotacrime2814d ago

i stopped listening to this clown when he summarized PS Plus as " Automatic Downloads is not what users want, Sony does not get it"

HappyGaming2814d ago

Automatic downloads are fucking awesome!!!

I love waking up to an fully updated PS3 with a couple of free games and demos.

supremacy2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Sony stated that the ngp was still in prototype phase so until thats settled they cant further address any of this guys poor rants. Common sense adam...

Instead of ranting about those little things like every one is quick to point out for hits and pleasure.
Why don't you try being more positive and at least focus your energy in thanking Sony for even coming up with a device like this one.

You know the type of device you critics help create in the first place?
Lets start there first, than worry about the usual bs everyone seems to worry about as soon as something this prominent gets announced.

C0MPUT3R2814d ago

SONY did this intentionally to keep everyone talking about it, and it's working.
Full info reveal will come at E3.

HappyGaming2814d ago









Thats what Sony wants...

miyamoto2814d ago

Well said Comput3r :) It doesn't take a genius to figure this out.

blackburn52814d ago

G4 is losing credibility everytime they open their mouths. They seem to be attempting to hit rock bottom @ why is it annoying that they haven't given it real name yet or when or where it's coming out? You do know it's coming out in 8 months and not tomorrow right. 8 whole months to get questions answered

Lyr1c2814d ago

The only fall from grace as large as this was Square Enix.....

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