Video Game Addiction?

In this day and age people are always trying to come up with some diagnosis for anything a person does but video game addiction? Really?

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CatSanderson2909d ago

Better than porn addiction.

smurfz2909d ago

Indeed! Don't think anyone has died from a porn addiction.

Scumlabs2909d ago

Video game addition isn't a myth. I believe that what some parents that were born in the 50's might believe to be "video game addition" is different than what we might consider video game addition today.

For example, playing games 6 hours a day isn't necessarily video game addition, but never leaving the house and playing more than 50 hours a week could easily be considered video game addition.

DNAbro2908d ago

yeah video game "addition", where we add video games.

rufioho2909d ago


GamingForever2908d ago

You want more, I want more, We all want more!

Pozzle2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

People can become addicted to anything, especially if they already have addictive personalities. So I definitely agree that video game addictions exist.

I always think of it like this: If it affects your life negatively (e.g. you stop eating, you don't go to work, you stop socializing, you start acting violently or angrily, etc) then it's an addiction. But if you just spend a lot of time playing games with no adverse affects on your life, it's just a hobby.

dredgewalker2908d ago

All you have to do is look at South Korea to see that it indeed exists and has a negative impact on the lives of those addicted to it.

Spinal2908d ago

Agree + bubbles, very well said sir.

Games is just a hobby to me just like gym and boxing. I don't sacrifice work or time spent with my girlfriend and friends for me to enjoy my hobbies.

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