Halo, LBP, Modnation devs talk community creations

The Gamer Sheep spoke with Frank O'Connor from Microsoft's Halo team and developers of LBP and ModNation Racers on the topic of user-created levels.

The developers had tons to say about the topic and promised that the trend will continue on consoles.

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arizona-techgeek3794d ago

I don't really mess with Forge too much? Anybody know if it's even good?

JOLLY13794d ago

You should check youtube. There are some amazing videos on forge. It is real good!

louievillalobos3794d ago

Yup. People have done great things with Forge World.

theonlylolking3794d ago

Forge is awesome but after playing LBP its very disappointing. If you have not done LBP create stuff then you will be amazed.

THC CELL3794d ago

Lbp has the best create features u can ever pick up on a console