Eurogamer Asks: Are second-hand games killing the industry?

In the world of Online Passes, the first-time buyer is king.

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NMC20073795d ago

If it was then wouldn't the industry be dead by now?

Christopher3795d ago

Killing? No.

Hurting? More than likely.

ATiElite3795d ago

Crappy games are killing the industry. Need more games that push the technology and are more innovative. Casual games always bring in the cash but cutting edge moves the industry forward.

mantisimo3795d ago

I kind of agree but have recently decided to buy only original games as I do want to support the devs who are working day in day out to give us the caliber of games we want and kinda deserve.

Second hand games of course hurt the industry, but do provide us (in the UK at least ) with a few game stores that are able to trade in very difficult times and still have launch games with a cheaper price tag than a download. Because of a healthy trade in resale cycle as well as sales of new "hard" copies.

outwar60103795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

lazy devs wanting their games to sell botaloads even though there titles are generic are very short

Baka-akaB3795d ago

the way i see it , it's usually more the generic short stuff selling , while unique and underrated gems are brushed off to the"when it's available a 20$" or "when i find a used copy" lists .

Of course there are exception but still ...

nevin13795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Used games been around since the 1st console released. If anything the used games helps the industry.

TThe video industry is dying in my opinion though. Black Ops is an example as I don't get why you ppl support a buggy game. I was always wonder why people on my friend's list sign out then sign when they play Black Ops due to bad servers.

In my case, Sports games in previous gens were my speciality and this gen their not getting it done.

Im sure all u PS3 owners are upset that thes comparison screen shots always show how the 360 version looks better.

pretty soon ppl will have enough of this.

DarkFantasy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

"Im sure all u PS3 owners are upset that thes comparison screen shots always show how the 360 version looks better. " ...... any real gamer wouldn't give a shit about that and just play the game on there console of choice.but i do agree about black ops,it's obvious that activison just wanted a quick buck with COD so i will not agree or dissagree..Racing and Car combat(Twisted Metals) use to be my games but this gen i hate racing games,but least i got Twisted metal Ps3 coming :P but i can't stand need for speed anymore need for speed was my drug lol ..this gen im so tired of shooters yet theres like 6 im getting rofl

Stealth20k3795d ago

second hand games are saving the industry

Dazel3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

If the retailers/Devs/Publishers can't agree on a common ground then Digital DL games are the way of the future imo. The problem at present is Digital DL games are way to expensive, maybe there will come a time when you can DL a game 2 weeks before the boxed version? Retailers are getting the lions share with the Devs getting pretty short changed by them and the publishers. While i like my second hand resales without good Devs, we won't have great games.

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The story is too old to be commented.