IGN: F.E.A.R. 3 - Creating Scares for Pairs

Making a genuinely scary videogame is no easy task – the most skilled of developers rely on a delicate mixture of scripted moments, subtle audio and video cues, magician-style misdirection and cunning AI in order to keep player nerves on edge. Of course, such efforts must be doubled when you're building a campaign mode that aims to both scare and facilitate co-op play – after all, how can you maintain tension when you've got a buddy chattering away in your headset earpiece and tea-bagging every second enemy you kill?

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BattleAxe3795d ago

The co-op for this game looks a bit like L4D.....might be good.

kramun3795d ago

I just hope it's on par with the first one. It got a bit monotonous towards the end but it was still better than the sequel.

Xfanboy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

this game needs mod tools like skrym.

Sidewinder-3795d ago

Of all games, this one thought didn't need co-op in the slightest.