UK Industry is losing its cutting edge

Eidos boss says UK gaming sector is dipping

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Nate-Dog2817d ago

Wasn't there some report/article a while ago saying that Sony were trying to help give students more of a chance to enter into the video-game sector from school and/or college? I would have expected the UK to have a lot of options in that area already but I guess I was wrong. Hopefully they'll change it around, people can make whatever degenerate and prejudiced comments about it but it's an important industry and some people are meant for this sort of thing, I know a good few people who would have jumped at any opportunity in this range from school but we (here in Ireland) while having better options in video-gaming than ever before would still undoubtedly be way behind other countries, especially somewhere like the UK.

ComboBreaker2817d ago

To survive, they must Japanize their games. They might also consider Americanizing/Africanizing/Chi nise-izing their games too.

ChronoJoe2816d ago

Eh. Being in education in that area, I wouldn't say it's educations responsibility.

I mean, if that's what the student wants to do, the opportunity is there to them. I opted out of my video game, programming related units, however I have lots of friends who take them. Personally I'm more into web and graphic design, although I still have some mandatory units covering C# and Java.

They need tax breaks to expand, not more students. Although, the incentives to study in that area could be more significant... the curriculum is a little... boring.