Top 5 Video Games Turned Movie

We have compiled a list of the 5 major movie blockbusters that made the most money in their time in theaters.

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CatSanderson3795d ago

Mortal Kombat was awful, but I still loved it.

BIGTRIN3795d ago

Mortal Kombat was classic, and I saw a trailer recently for a new one that looks even better!

smurfz3795d ago

The original Mortal Kombat was definitely the best of the franchise. The latest trailer that you saw was a fan made trailer that actually got picked up and is going to be turned into a mini series hopefully soon!

Lamarthedancer3795d ago

Silent Hill was rated lower then Resident Evil ...

Seriously, Silent Hill was better then all 4 of the Resident Evil films. RE just turned into a joke and I love the fact that Paul W.S Anderson thinks he's doing justice to the fans...I mean the guy thinks RE5 is the best in the entire game franchise ¬¬

SeraphimBlade3795d ago

They're rating the films based on stand-alone quality, not how well they followed the game's story.

Still though, i watched and kiiinda liked Silent Hill. Couldn't make it 10 minutes into Resident Evil.

Lamarthedancer3795d ago

Thats even worse, RE don;t really follow the games story

I mean Alice super human Bio weapon...

I didn't mind Rose in Silent Hill then Harry because Harry had that mothers touch towards his daughter and a female would of fit the horror aspect better.

kramun3795d ago

I watched Tomb Raider because of Angelina Jolie and her juicy lips. The only reason I got away with my slight perving was because my kids wanted me to watch it :P

SeraphimBlade3795d ago

Percentage of Lead Chraracters by race: Wait, how does a white chick playing Chun Li fit into that? Or white guy playing the Prince of Persia?

Spy Kids 3D grossed nearly 4x Scott Pilgrim? I'm going to go cry for a few hours....