Domain registrations pre-announcing Kinect games seem dubious at best

In the past few days a lot of rumors surfaced about possible big Kinect games. The biggests of them are Halo Kinect, The Sims Kinect, SSX Kinect and Lips Kinect. All of these rumors surfaced because of domain names that were registered by Microsoft. reported on one of these rumors: SSX Kinect, but soon afterwards got suspicious about all of these domain names popping up. did some research and found the whole thing very dubious.

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_DragonSlayer_3794d ago

Does it really matter? Kinect hasn't had any hardcore games yet. Wait until E3 and maybe we will finally see one...maybe....

Bigpappy3794d ago

It just may be, that M$ is publishing these games. Who knows though? I will wait for official announcements.

TheDivine3794d ago

Hopefully they put all thir money and efforts behind really getting good core games up and running well on kinect. I dont have one but will jump all over it if the tgs games are good and see them supporting it with good franchises and even hybids. I know people bit** about ms focusing on kinect but next year is so packed with epic games all around its the best time to do it. Im acually excited to see good dev create new ways to play and see some good rpgs or rts on here. I hope they arn't scared to jump in and try to get a fps like halo on here, wont play like were used to but a more tacticle fps/tps could be done well with team commands exc. May suck but at least try or we wont know.