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Dart893794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Wow just watching that makes cod look like a joke lol.Side that september can't game any sooner.

@Below exactly i hope they heavily support it with new map packs at a reasonable price.

samoon3794d ago

I love how it goes back to it's roots and does away with the COD syndrome of making sure it has to be COD or any other generic FPS in today's market.

SasanovaS19873794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

i am in disbelief as to what i just witnessed...we have infamous 2 uncharted 3 killzone 3 resistance 3 all competeing for game of the year...i couldnt even pick it to be honest...what trailer...just wow

Biggest3794d ago

Can it get any better on the PS3? This is shaping up to be the best gaming year ever.

hellzsupernova3794d ago

HOLY SHIT it makes more hardcore games look bad too! that big thing at the end punching that guy into the ground! HELL YEAH!

Dart893794d ago

Looks like a giant ape...think im gonna train one to do that to kotick xDDDD.

kanetheking3794d ago

it's a baby titan,I think.

PirateThom3794d ago

Definitely looks like it's going back to the Resistance 1 type of gameplay and style, but with graphics improved over Resistance 2. Not a bad thing, looks intense.

Grenadan3794d ago

i wouldnt call it jaw dropping

belal3794d ago

holy shit! graphics are insane! the game will be beast!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.