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CheatCC says, "This new generation of consoles brought with it the question of whether or not the survival horror genre is dead. Many horror fans would say yes because there are few series left that have retained the classic formula of flight over fight, solving puzzles, and psychological terror. Yet many believe the genre has merely evolved to include cooperative or competitive play and action as well as horror."

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Darkfiber2815d ago

Oh, hard puzzles are coming back with a separate puzzle difficulty level? I suddenly became interested in this. If only they could recreate the magic they had in the first two games, this could be awesome.

Kyosuke_Sanada2815d ago

The team Vatra is really trying hard to recreate the Silent Hill experience but still add enough to give itself an identity separate from the previous installments. With the absence of Akira Yamaoka (composer), Masahiro Ito (creature design) and other members of Team Silent I don't think they will ever bring back the fright of old but I think they will make sure that the survival horror genre never dies by adding their flavor to the ranks.

OhMyGandhi2815d ago

I like what their doing with it.
was worried at first, but the screens look wonderful. I can sense their "freshness". the composer from "Dexter" will add a new tone to the clash and banging noises (which were scary, but as the series continued, seemed to get mundane and generic).
I like that they are looking at Silent Hill 2 as their main inspiration for their direction. Going towards a game that gets in the head of the players, rather than the jump scares of Dead Space and such.

some of the screens reminded me of Alan Wake, which is cool.
I have high hopes for this one. Silent Hill 2, specifically, is the scariest game I've ever played. Their goal should be to make a game that's scarier than it.

Mr Tretton2815d ago

Show some gameplay already