Gamer Informer: Test Drive Unlimited 2 First Review

Test Drive Unlimited 2 might be lacking in some areas, but this is one instance where the sheer quantity of features prevails since their structure is thoughtful enough to make this game more than just a lazy vacation.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC3794d ago

I Want Racing To Be A More Important Priority

pain777pas3793d ago

The game is fun I only played the demo when I had 360 and always wanted to get it but never did. Now I shall. It is quite fun. Hopefully your ingame models are not fugly like the first game.

come_at_me_bro3794d ago

I looooved the first Test Drive Unlimited but, admittedly, it had little to do with the actual racing career. The ridiculously large amount of explorable space, ability to cruise endlessly with friends, and the collection aspects were what really got me hooked. Based on this review, it sounds like this will be a proper expansion on the features that I enjoyed most, but it is disappointing that the racing hasn't been improved as well.

denero13794d ago

leave it to the budgetgamer to post news that no one cares about

csreynolds3793d ago

The game's months from release and is still undergoing development. This is no doubt based on beta/debug code, not the final product.

creeping judas3793d ago

The game's gone gold and is realeasing in North America February 8th, and I believe a week after that in Europe.

Unless GI was basing their review off of beta/debug code?