3 Reasons NGP is the Future of Portables (and 3 Why It Will Crash and Burn)

Looking through what we know about Sony’s Next Generation Portable, there’s a lot to be excited about — and a lot to fear. We break down the NGP’s potential triumphs and pitfalls.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

1. It Has Superb Graphics (3DS Gets Owned Big Time)
2. The Games Will Be Big Like Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Killzone
3. Proper Online

Darkfiber3791d ago

Price. That's the only deciding factor of whether or not it will succeed. If it's more than the 3DS it will fail, and it WILL be. I'm guessing $329 to $349. It'll have an initial spike in sales from Sony fanboy early adopters who feel they owe it to Sony to buy everything they put know, the same people who pre-ordered Move. But after a few months no one will be talking about it. You know why? Because it doesn't really serve a purpose. Yeah, sure, it can play games and movies, but why would people go out and spend that much money + an additional $40+ per game when they can download crap for free on their iphones and ipods, or better yet, their 3DS? I'm not saying it's not impressive, but it doesn't have the functionality or broad appeal to compete. There's only so many people who want to pay $400 to play Uncharted on the bus in 10 minute intervals.

Jdoki3790d ago

Unfortunately I have to agree with your comment Darkfibre

I dunno what is was about the PSP, but it just totally failed to capture my interest. I owned a PSP-1000 (even picked it up at a midnight launch), but I'm still waiting for a killer app, and still thinking 'what's the point of this thing'. There's been some excellent games, but not enough to really justify the device.

And for some reason, I've got the same feeling about the NGP.

I love Kojima's vision of truly portable gaming, but in practice I can't see it working very well, or being a killer feature.

Sony need to convince me that the NGP is going to provide significantly different experiences than what I can get on my Android phone, my PS3 and my DS.

I'm not overly interested in playing cinematic games like Uncharted or Killzone on an NGP - would rather play those on my PS3 and big TV.

I'm not overly interested in carrying another device for those quick blast, cheap titles available on Android/iPhone.

Streaming or downloading content/movies to the NGP is OK. but I can already do that on my Android phone - and it's not something that really interests me.

As an HD replacement for the DS (minus dual screens) it could have a place, but will that be enough to make me buy one. I'm not sure.