NGP's new media format called a 'NVG card', R.I.P UMD

So we've known for some time that the NGP will use some special memory cards for game storage, although we weren't sure what they would be called until now. In an article, The Telegraph (interview with Hirai) is consistently calling the memory format an 'NVG card', so it looks like this will be the name for the format. Now the question is what does NVG stand for? Because it certainly isn't Night Vision Goggles!

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SnakeMustDie3794d ago

Too bad because it will kill BC support for UMD

Pedantic913794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

PSN games are downloadble and playable on the NGP.

The only thing Sony has to do is to figure out what do with the ones who bought UMD's (maybe some sort of exchange program) and try to reason with devs some more in order to release some of their PSP games on the PSN (Im lookin' at you KH:BBS !)

SnakeMustDie3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I forgot to add a little more detail to my statement. Yes PSN games are still BC but the ones who had UMD games are screwed. I did say it will kill BC support for UMD games.

ShinMaster3794d ago

Oh well, it's a whole new system.

You wanna play PSP games? Keep your PSPs.

HappyGaming3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

So true...
You have a PSP 1
You have some UMDs

Use them with your PSP 1 than.

UMD is not a good format for a handheld it wastes battery power. Also a lot of the PSP 1 downloads from PSN for the PSP2 will feature 2 analogue stick support.

If you think about it you could use the UMD space to install a fan into a handheld console :P

klado3794d ago

Hated this format SOOOO MUCH, these stupid thing kept scratching over time...sry for you pals, but nice to see this going the fck off.

FragGen3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

What is BC? Backwards Compatibility? I think it's awesome/bonus that it has any support for PSP1 titles at all and UMD is dead weight. You DO NOT want a UMD sucking battery life from an NGP with all that power hungry hardware in it.

JLeVRT3793d ago

Im glad i got a pspgo and bought most of my games online... Thats a good advantage that i saw coming

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Xbox360PS3AndPC3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

UMD Was Rubbish Anyway, Bring On The NVG Card

Edit : I Just Read In Another Article That You Need To Activate It Online To Use & Only 1 Person Can Use It, If This Is True Then Bye Bye NGP

klado3794d ago

Nah, if it prevent piracy, then welcome, but for those with no possibilities going online, truly would sucks.

ugabugaz3794d ago

If there's an always on 3G Connection, what's the problem with activating?

Tommykrem3794d ago

3G costs money on cellphones. I don't know how that's going to turn out on NGP. Maybe it'll be free. Then no problem!

HappyGaming3794d ago

Free 3G?
That would be good but it could never happen.
It would be like Sony paying for your broadband subscription so you could save money when playing PS3 online.

Sgt_Slaughter3794d ago

They already said that the 3G will not be free and will come with a monthly fee.

Ju3794d ago

You can't trade or sell it. Nor can you steal it. Tough luck, huh?

klado3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Oh what the pirates have done for us eh?, not to give them all the blaming put there but you know, this is better than going digital only, that would really really sucks.

Or even going ala onlive?...Fck u "video games" pirates.

LeShin3794d ago

If that's true, I'm not surprised. The PSP got pirated to hell to the point that some 3rd party developers stopped making games for it. They had to do something to stop it I guess. You can thank people like Geohot for the stupid hoops we have to jump through these days

HappyGaming3794d ago

If that is true I am jailbreaking it to be honest so I can play and share games (not pirated versions).

ugabugaz3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

EgoCold has nothing to do with the PSP being hacked.
That attribute goes to the supreme master hacker, Dark Alex.

blumatt3794d ago

You won't have to activate it. Sony isn't dumb enough to do that just yet. It will become standard practice soon though with all games I have a feeling.

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Burning_Finger3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Yeah!! Like the PSP are dead already. /s

A 10 years plan from Sony sounds legit. They might still continue to cross platform port between PSP and PSP2.

Ju3794d ago

PSP is dead after that announcement. I'm curious what Sony will do with the remaining stock. If they dump it to $99 and give it some of the NGP features, it might still sell...

darkdoom30003794d ago

Night Vision Goggles?

Im so happy to see UMD go. that thing was nothing but dead weight. Physically big, small storage, wasted lots of battery due to needing a motor to spin it. and long load times.

tubers3794d ago

So this is the saving grace for legit Go Owners huh? PSN downloads BC for NGP.

Doesn't sound half bad.. for the legit.. :P

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