5 Best NES Game Endings

The original NES console had many great games but unfortunately the majority of them didn’t have the greatest endings to close a story. We have compiled a list of the 5 greatest NES games that had the best endings.

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CatSanderson2869d ago

Sadly I never saw the end of Mega Man...

assmonkey2869d ago

Yeah same here. It's a shame I tell ya!

multipayer2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

I did when I got megaman collection for gamecube and it had a saving function, but honestly I don't remember it... Some fight with wily etc.

Anyway, my avatar should forever haunt your dreams.

Dark_Charizard2869d ago

Why isn't Super Mario Bros included? That was the best ending for me, because after 7 worlds of "But our princess is in another castle" you actually get to see the real thing; which is awesome!

smurfz2869d ago

Super Mario Bros. 3 made it on the list ;)

BIGTRIN2869d ago

Megaman 2 all the way. My fav game!

Scumlabs2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

The Finaly Fantasy ending was the greatest!

RockmanII72869d ago

Megaman 4. There is a glitch where you get to kill Dr. Wily, and when you do it the game does end (kinda). So even though it was unintentional and non cannon, killing Dr. Wily is my fav. If you watch the video skip to 1:30

GodsHand2869d ago

LOL, that was pretty neat, I never knew this. That bastard deserved it, always blaming Dr. Light for the trouble he causes.

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