New Rage screens set the visual bar high

GB writes: We’ve some new Rage screenshots and they surpass anything that we’ve seen about the game so far.

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gameseveryday2868d ago

Looks Insane...Id at its best. Killzone 3, perhaps not the best looking shooter of 2011 :|

Pandamobile2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

With Crysis 2 and RAGE both coming out, it didn't even have a chance.

despair2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

lol I have to disagree, we still have no idea which will be best, Crysis 2 is not in the running on consoles(its not that amazing) and so far Rage looks really good but its too different from Killzone 3 to compare without proper vids.

Either way still don't care I'm getting all 3 games :)

distorted_reality2868d ago

I would say that Crysis 2 is just as different from KZ2 as Rage is, so why is one comparable and the other isn't? Agree with Panda, KZ3 looks great but it isn't in the Crysis league yet.

OT - I think Rage will end up looking the best, and will probably have the better gameplay as well, id being id. But we'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Ducky2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Hmm, is Rage at 60fps or 30fps on consoles?

I doubt Rage on consoles would look visually better than KZ3 if it is running at 60fps.
Which is a pity since most people will just talk it down for not looking as good as exclusives while it actually pushes twice as many frames. =(
PC is a different story.

I'm really liking their new engine though. Brink and Rage have a unique visual style to them.

DelbertGrady2868d ago

Brink looks pretty damn sexy as well. Lots of graphically crisp FPS games this year. Let's hope they play as well as they look also. I'm mostly interested in Rage and Brink.

geodood2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Not on consoles. KZ3 will be the best looking console shooter of 2011. It will be between the PC versions of Rage and Crysis 2 for the best looking shooter on any platform of 2011.

However exclusive development always means more time on one platform which usually = better optimisation and hence better graphics.

Personally I think it'll go like this:
KZ3 console graphics king (not debatable, really. It's obvious)
Crysis 2 PC version overall graphics king

@Kon: who said that? KZ3 doesn't look as good as Crysis does. However I think you're getting confused. I'm sure what they actually mean is the console version of Crysis 2 looks worse than KZ3 (or kz2 for that matter... the jaggies, pop-in and low res. textures in that crysis 2 demo were appalling considering Crytek's claims)

Kon2868d ago

It is funny how people thinks that KZ is more graphically advanced than Crysis. Ignorance is bliss...

SpitFireAce852868d ago

Panda man you crack me up yeah the PC version
of Crysis 2 and Rage console versions not so

Here bud when they show footage comparable
to this on consoles then you can talk until
then put up or shut up...

AKA2868d ago

i havent seen a video gameplay of crysis 2 or rage that looks better then KZ3.
Show it prove

captain-obvious2868d ago

i think i need a new graphics card

distorted_reality2868d ago

We're talking about overall, not just a single platform.

KZ3 probably will be the best looking FPS on PS3. But Rage and Crysis 2 on the PC will more than likely (read - definitely) look better, and there's no reason for them to prove anything on consoles when they're both huge PC devs.

I don't see where the argument is here. Nobody is saying that KZ3 will look terrible, far from it in fact. But it simply can't compete with the likes of Crysis and Rage running on a semi-decent PC.

@ AKA - as Rage gets closer, and the Crysis 2 PC demo comes out, you'll see some pretty amazing looking footage.

ThanatosDMC2868d ago

This doesnt look better than KZ3 at all. It's more like an updated graphics of Borderlands.

NateCole2868d ago

I see the screens but is this any better than U2?

hassi942868d ago


Well it's 60 fps but the videos we've seen have been (mostly) from the Xbox 360 version which looks incredible to be honest.

N4g_null2868d ago

Ps3 fans confuse art with tech all the time. When you finally see rage you will see the limits of kz3.

inveni02868d ago

Well, the thing that concerns me about Rage is that we haven't really seen them showcase anything special besides textures. KZ2/3 didn't hesitate to show off their spectacular lens effects, volumetric smoke and lighting, and awesome particle effects. When Rage can show anything like that, I'll consider it a contender. Same goes with Crysis. Crysis and Rage just seem empty of those extras that really sell a game for me.

ShinMaster2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

On PCs: Either Crysis 2 or Rage, I don't care.
Not bad for a console game. Even for multiplayer graphics.
Plus, KZ3 will improve on this even more.

HolyOrangeCows2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

On consoles it sure does.

LORD-PHOENIX2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

and then we got to play the console version....

what crysis 2 proved was all the nice screenshots were from PC yet fanboys claimed they were from console until we got to play it, i guarantee the same will happen with rage.

and am i missing something these screenshots are nothing spectacular if they are pc shots i would be worried the game looks empty and graphically not mind blowing..even resistance 3 and gears 3 looks better than this

nycredude2867d ago

It does look look go nothing to go crazy over. Could be cause I play all my pc games on max so I am used to better. In any case these shot show what max 3 ai on screen with nothing else going on. The only thing that looks good is the textures.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2867d ago

Crysis 2 on the consoles Vs Killzone 3? killzone wins sorry. Crysis 2 on the Pc vs Killzone 3 it will win.

Vega752867d ago

Do anyone know if RAGE will also use direct X11 also? I know they are crysis 2.

zootang2867d ago

PC has no games anyway! Where is Red Dead Redemption?

PC gamers to wait years for games consoles players get to play right away.

WetN00dle692867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

All titles showcased thus far look amazing!
KZ3, Crysis 2, RAGE, BRINK, Resistance 3(this one left me in awe.) so on and so forth! No title is better than the other one. They will all be great! This is a great year for multiplat gamers.

DA_SHREDDER2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Your kidding me right? This game doesn't even look better than Dead Space and your saying it looks better than KZ3?! GTFO of here you 360 loving nerd. You wish this game was even half as good lookin as the claims you made.

Scroll to 1:30 and tell me that Rage looks half as good. I should slap the crap out of your fanboy ass.

Tinasumsum2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Crysis 2 single player and Rage are not matched on consoles period. Rage destroys KZ3 in every way but the mega pixel textures and sharpness of the game really murders KZ3.

There's going to be a lot of denial out there. I guess PS3 fans should have not boasted PS3's so called power based on PS3 exclusives and the fact no developer bothers making a game engine for the 360 powerful enough to push the 360. Fight Night Round 5 is just more proof PS3 fans need to stop with the BS.

zootang2867d ago


First it was Gears then it was Section 8 then Alan Wake then it was Metro 2033 now it is Rage. Keep playing that same record!

Meanwhile I'll be playing KZ3, Rage, UC3, Infamous 2, Resistance 3 and so on.

GooZe2867d ago

Alright im just gonna come out and say it crysis graphics sucks. at least on consoles.

dark3552867d ago


I believe that Brink is running on id Tech 4 and Rage is on Tech 5.

morganfell2867d ago

When discussing the graphics a game brings to the table it is also necessary to look at the item most ignore...visual impact...the pictoral slug to the head...ocular impact to the sternum, whatever you choose to call it. But it is the visceral blow a game brings to the audience and that is not possible to judge from a screenshot as it also involves the dynamics of movement and action on the screen.

This is where Crysis 2 gravitates from fidelity to the land of ho hum as it lacks that gritty uppercut to the gut. Killzone 3 dumps this on you in truckloads. To date we have witnessed the refinement of Rage on the PC but it also to date lacks that Saving Private Ryan impact.

Sorry PC purists but resolution alone does not make one the image king. Rather it is the flair of illustrated combat and the awe inspiring graphical wrest for the throne that awards one claim the visual crown.

Dee_912867d ago

better than KZ3 ?
these screens might be cgi and they dont even look as good as KZ3 gameplay videos
I think this is gonna be one of those games everybody think look good until they get some gameplay videos or a demo
and then come all the articles about it .. this site is too predictable

Exquisik2867d ago


It doesn't matter if Crysis 2, Rage, or KZ3 will be the graphics king of 2011, because if you own a PS3, then you will be able to play all 3. If you don't, then I suggest you go pick one up so that you may play all 3.

Theonetheonly2867d ago

i dont agree. i dont think this looks good.

i was more impressed with doom 3

im sorry i just dont

Kleptic2867d ago

I 'was' as big of a fan of iD as first 'grown up' game that I ever played the hell out of was Doom/2...and its still one of my all time favorites...

I'm just saying this though because so many are quick to write off other upcoming titles because 'this is iD'...saying the game will play better than all others because iD is iD...

I question that...strongly...iD HAS NOT been at the forefront of game design literally since Romero left after Quake I...NO one can argue that...they have not produced a game from their original core (hollenshead, Carmack, etc.) that crippled the industry since then...when Romero left, it split iD in half...i'm not saying Romero was the best; he was simply the piece to the overall puzzle that made them the absolute best developer of the time...

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was phenomenal...It introduced the WWII shooter genre more or less, even though it was also the least realistic...but iD only did its single player campaign and engine (it ran on Quake III's)...with other developers fully taking over the multiplayer aspect (which was easily the best aspect of the package)...

the biggest point is Doom 3...the EXACT way a developer can take a revered franchise...flip its on its head...and gut it endlessly into something that should have been its own new IP (if Doom 3 was called Dead Space probably would have been one of the best games of the last decade)...

iD has an uphill battle to get back to the forefront of the industry...a shiny new engine doesn't mean shit; it didn't with Doom 3...did it?...I'm just pointing out that other developers are easily outclassing iD when it comes to gameplay and its innovations needed to stay modern...iD hasn't proved in nearly 15 years that its capable of still doing that...

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just_looken2868d ago

seeing a screenshot is 1 thing but gameplay is another. crysis 1/2 were awesome looking (pc version) but the rest was crap-ok. kinda like owning a ferrari but without a engine/interior. kz3 is a ferrari with a engine/interior

sp1deynut2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

...and add on "_thru_fanboy_goggles " :o

hakis862868d ago

Hey Gamingbolt - how about providing some HIGH RES screenshots? All the ones you guys post are so small. :(

hellzsupernova2868d ago

depends if this is the pc version then of course it will look better but I highly doubt its going to look this good on ps3 or 360 just like crysis doesn't look that stunning on consoles.

just looking at the screenshot makes me think it HAS to be pc

distorted_reality2868d ago

I wouldn't put it past id to surprise everyone with how good it'll look on the consoles. It looked pretty bloody decent on the iPhone, considering what they had to work with.

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FinalSpartan2868d ago

Looks great, Got some boderline cel shading effects going on there. But I saw previous screens. One thing is for sure. It got the best sky i seen in games lol

meetajhu2868d ago

Rage will crush and demolish Crysis 2(PC) and Killzone 3 respectively.

theonlylolking2868d ago

Looks like U3. On the xbox the graphics are as good as unreal engine 3 but its in 60fps so it will look better in motion in person.

vandal GAB2868d ago

People are saying crysis 2 wont look good on consoles =) you my friends are blind!

GreenFields2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I'm not going to disagree and say that it looks bad, but I wouldn't call it next generation, innovative, or amazing. Crysis 2 doesn't look to be the graphical benchmark for the gaming industry that the original Crysis was.

The good news is that it will most likely run a lot better on PC than the original, as hardware has had ample time to catch up.

Hitman11872860d ago

You have to remember, this is the multiplayer portion of the game and this specific build was confirmed to be months old. Crysis 2's single player will set the visual benchmark for Consoles and PC's. I'm really excited for RAGE. It's graphics look AMAZING, possibly better than Crysis 2's, but it's hard to compare 2 games with completely different art styles. All I know is this year is THE YEAR for FPS's no matter what platform you have! Lets all just enjoy the games!

bluwulf2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

This entire generation, 360 owners have used multiplatform screenshots, multiplatform youtube videos, multiplatform previews, but never retail releases of multiplatform games or exclusives to debate the PS3's exclusive visual bar. There has never been a lens of truth or a digital foundry to win a victory for the multiplatform/360 "exclusives" as well.

And its safe to say this is a trend that will continue the rest of this gen.

Every year, its another multiplat dev that 360 owners all fall behind in thinking they've bested Sony's first part developers & exclusive focus on a console... just makes 0 sense. But people honestly believe it.


What retail 360 release trumps Uncharted2 or Killzone2. Lighting/Textures/Anim/Particl es/Animation/Streamloading/Mode l Detail? None. And folks can't see how this is a issue of Deja-Vu yet again?

kaveti66162868d ago

"There has never been a lens of truth or a digital foundry to win a victory for the multiplatform/360 "exclusives" as well. "


eliasg2868d ago

unexpectedly this is the only multiplatform game that Sony fanboys are not trying to downgrade. Rage is huge!!!

ps3rider2868d ago

time will come and we will see if you words are correct,

MNicholas2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

What's impressing people about this?

The exceptionally huge number of polygon edges indicating that this engine has a pathetically low polygon budget?

Is it the flatness resulting lack of dynamic lighting and complex shading and specularity which is pretty much standard nowadays?

Perhaps they're blown away by the fact that objects that would be properly shaded in other games to look 3D are, in Rage, simply flat colored textures as you can see on this comparison.

Flat texture Armbands on low poly model (Rage)

3D shaded Armands on high poly model (Dead Space 2)

kancerkid2867d ago

Also, Rage is open-world, 60 FPS, unlike Dead Space which is more like a corridor shooter.

I could just as easily say that Dead Space 2 is nothing to drool over because it does not have foliage.

hesido2867d ago

How about the fact that Rage pushes those graphics double the speed of Dead Space 2, in an open world? It'd be a wonderful world if we played screenshots, but games tend to move, and 60fps makes things that move look REEEALLY smooth.


lol at this article

graphics are standard at best,maybe itl look good in motion but those screenshots are disappointment

hesido2867d ago

Please also keep in mind that Rage runs at double the frame rate compared to 90% of the shooters.

jadnice2867d ago

So how much money did they pay you to say that... or you just feel like being clueless. No game on the 360/PS3 can top a first party game for the PS3. Enough said... just a reminder... they have to dummy it down for the 360.

m23452867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

it's funny how people are off-topic, talking about how this game will destroy killzone 3. killzone 3 is in it's league of it's own so please don't compare it, thanks. btw, i'm getting crysis 2 and killzone 3, and a ps3 slim. maybe if rage is good, i'll try it.

I WIN! :3

xAlmostPro2867d ago

Damn it looks stunning :) cant wait for this game! yet another awesome game to buy this year

xtremexx2867d ago

lol, i watched this at eurogamer its pretty amazing

juggulator2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

The "Be The Weapon" trailer for Crysis2 is up on PSN and looks great. Sony likely allow PC versions of trailers to be displayed for promo purposes as was likely the case with this trailer but I think the actual PS3 version will be close. It's gonna look great on PC obviously but what about a console owner with a 240hz(or 480hz) 1080p. That'll look pretty awesome too. But it's the gameplay that has me watching that trailer 4 or 5 times a day. All the stuff you can do like jump ultra high and throw enemies is gonna make Crysis2 a GOTY contender for sure.
Rage is employing the Tech 5 engine which uses a special texturing feature, I forgot the name of it but basically every object in the game will be uniquely textured. Plus I believe there's a saying that goes "You are NOT Carmack" so that means Rage WILL bring it.Also id created the FPS so expect the gameplay to be top notch.
Killzone3 may not come close to Crysis2 or Rage on higher PC settings but KZ3 will have alot more going on in the game than those games will and that stuff obviously adds to the visuals. The MAWLR bossfight is simply chaotic. So KZ3 is still in the running. It's hard to say which will look the best but you can be damn certain that Crysis2, Killzone3, and Rage will be the best looking shooters to date.

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jaidek2868d ago

I have a feeling that Rage will raise the bar visually for graphics on the consoles. John Carmack is king when it comes to creating new rendering technology.

psb2868d ago

This looks like the latest build of the game. Best screens I have seen of this game yet.