An Xbox handheld? Don't ruin the peace

CVG: The world of gaming can be a nasty place. The internet seems to highlight the worst bits; full of bickering, flaming and criticism, it's a cruel world. Just ask Treyarch.

I suppose that's what happens when you take a bunch of passionate and opinionated folk and cram them in the same cyberspace together. Of all the Holy realms of geekdom, gaming seems to be the one where the old saying, "You can't please everyone" rings particularly true.

To tell the truth, I expected all out war this past couple of weeks.

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Vegeta90002814d ago

Xbox handheld? That's a terrible idea if you value your hands.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

What Will Happen To Your Hands ?

3DS ? Terrible Idea If You Value Your Eyes

geodood2814d ago

It'll overheat and burn them, presumably

AAACE52814d ago

Strangely, I was just thinking about this the other day!

Seeing hor MS has pushed out a new Windows phone that is strongly trying to get gamers involved. And they made the announcement that they will use ARM pchips in future products, makes me believe they will announce something in the future!

Besides, I know MS has to see the money making potential in the handheld arena! And you know they will try to push the Zune and XBL stuff with it anyway!

klado2814d ago

3 handheld war? good luck at having 6 consoles ^.^

Sticking with 3DS and NGP, thank you.

Ryudo2814d ago

O yeah because 5 is much more reasonable...

lil Titan2814d ago

the question is IF they did what would they bring new to the table? i think NGP and 3DS have peaked anything that would come out for a while

CaptainPunch2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

It's too late for Microsoft to join the handheld market. For this Gen at least. Just look at the Windows 7 phone sales, they're not so great.

CaptainPunch2814d ago

For this Gen I mean. Seesh, what's with the disagrees.

palaeomerus2814d ago

I guess maybe some people did not agree with your assessment?

klado2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Maybe yes, maybe not, it only mean more competition though, but I don't see how microsoft will jump this portable race with WP7 out there, yes, it is not a dedicated platform, but...

Japanese market is handled by sony and nintendo, there is the stronger auidience for these device, so yes, they'll be having it hard to set their foot into the current race.
VERY hard

Ju2814d ago

Why? You guys are not serious, are you?

MS has nothing. Not just that they have no product, they have no vision. They had a vision with Kinect. But with everything else they just run behind. Where is the greater picture MS paints with PC, console and mobile devices? (They never got tablets off the ground, and the same happened with Zune or a non existing gaming handheld).

WinPhone7 is too late. Smallest install base and with how it's selling it will be tough to catch up to Apple and Android, not mentioning RIM or Nokia. Live in WinPhone7 is nice, but it is a little to late. They would need to sell more than Android to ever catch up. Currently they sell nothing at all (compared to the others - you can like the product as much as you want. It needs to survive to have an impact).

And, then, no dedicated gaming hardware. Live could have been MS's answer to PS Suite and NGP. Yet, Sony (will) release(d) a cross platform SW platform AND a dedicated handheld.

MS as a SW company could have done the same. Develop Mobile Live and support all phones and deliver a "Mobile XBox". MS put all cards on Kinect and that is all they know. Thinking outside of the box was never their strength.

MS missed the boat in the mobile sector big time. Unless they have all that prepared and we just don't know about it (doubt it, though).

guigsy2814d ago

A phone and a handheld are completed different.

siliticx2814d ago

I thought that was the whole point of XNA on WP7?
fail microsoft, fail.

Magnus2814d ago

Why would M$ enter the handheld market where Nintendo and Sony fight for sales. When they can take on the game market where the I Phone and Android sit I think the Windows 7 phone can enter that market.

BLACKBOIJONES2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I would luv to c a xbox hand held..If nintendo,sony and ms all makes a hand held it will b better for us bcuz it will bring more competition and the more competition the more the producers/devs will work harder to make better games.

Im sure most people will pick uncharted on psp2 than cooking mama or my little baby for the 3ds..But when u got a halo or gears of war on hand held im sure sony will feel the heat more.

@GamingFeud (ABOVE)...Did u even think b4 u wrote that comment :/ It is never too late,microsoft is one of the richest companys in the world and they have made shit loads of profit from the 360/kinect..So if they decide to enter the hand held market they can do so bcuz they got the money to that.

@Cheeseknight28(BELOW) The more the better...U should know gaming is not a cheap habit...That is what u pay for getting quality games.

Cheeseknight282814d ago

It means better games and more money us gamers have to spend. I really don't want to buy another handheld for whatever A++ game releases on Xbox Portable. NGP and 3DS are more than enough.

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