The Galapagos Effect: How Slow and Steady Lost the Race

Do Japanese game developers take to long to get their games from concept to reality? Take a glimpse at the development process, and why it takes forever for a Japanese game to hit retail shelves.

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bgrundman2869d ago

This looks like it could be interesting and most likely will have alot of zippers.

TruthbeTold2869d ago

In a world where unfortunately game are rushed through, then patched to death, yet gamers accept it, it just may be true that Japanese developers 'take too long'.

Jimmy the Greek2869d ago

games are far more complicated these days. thank goodness we can patch instead of a fatal flaw ruining an entire game

Jimmy the Greek2869d ago

im not sure if this is a japanese thing or not. i think the problem may be early announcements coupled with lengthy development cycles.

Stealth20k2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

what a piece of shit article..................

the psp2 isnt even hd.............

The most fun Ive had this gen is with japanese games on the 360/ps3/wii/ds/psp

Godmars2902869d ago

As far as I'm concerned its the hare that's been causing all the headaches in the industry.

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