Dead Space 2 Review [MEGamers]


"There are only a few horror movies that I’ve seen that have really made my skin crawl. Most of the time things tend to be so over the top that the fear factor goes flying out the window along with a decapitated limb. But when it comes to video games with that horror element, things change – simply because you’re there participating in the action rather than being a mere observer. I’ve played a few video games that sent shivers down my spine, and one of these games was Dead Space. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to review Dead Space 2 on the PS3, and needless to say I now have to sleep with the lights on....."

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Lamarthedancer3794d ago

It's an amazing game but is it just me or is anyone else getting the infinite loading bug on the Xbox version. I bought some of DLC so I don't know if thats the cause since I can't play my save without it when I delete it.?

Motorola3794d ago

Havent heard of that one...thats peculiar. Btw if you played the first game, the ending of this game is just amazing. Good reference