FFXIII vs FF Versus XIII: Video Comparison

GB writes: A user calling himself Daxter241Originals over at youtube has uploaded an rather solid video comparison of Final Fantasy XIII Vs Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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iamtehpwn2869d ago

This is just a cool fan made Video...It's not by any means a comparison

Das_Bastardion2869d ago

This is what happens when you make an EXCLUSIVE instead a multiplatform watered down piece of sh!t

hooo yes.... i DID it :)

blumatt2869d ago

You did it and I agree. The fact remains that PS3 exclusives have the potential to easily make a multiplat look worse by comparison. Many people, however, will still downplay Versus 13 just because it's a PS3 exclusive. I for one, can't wait for a true FF next gen game, one that has towns, side quests, shops, airships, and a world map, things that used to be in FF games.

Vivi2869d ago

Just look at the two field comparisons at 1:50.

FFXIII empty space and flat ground.

VersusXIII has plenty of environment variation and best of all actual GRASS!

DigitalRaptor2869d ago

This sort of thing is why Versus XIII is exclusive to the PS3, no matter what some people might believe.

baodeus2869d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

look nice, but not as good as RDR though. Doesn't look better than fable 2/3 either. And yes you are right, finally a FF games w/ actual grass. Time for celebration bitches. Let see more of the game play.

If you think FFvs13 look great out in the open, then you should look at RDR or Fable 2/3. They do have video on youtube so you can compare them? But hey, i do looking forward to the game play. Looking good.

yeah, i think they combine CGI characters w/ real world, cause i can't possibly think that is just CGI. It look too real.

gameseveryday2869d ago

well atleast it shows some differences between the two games :|

Kurisu2869d ago

FFXIII looks like it come from the Cbeebies channel compared to Versus xD

Vegeta90002869d ago

FF Versus XIII looks better and easily wins this comparison.

jc485732869d ago

Final Fantasy Versus 13 has a very FF 7/8 vibe to it.

Lamarthedancer2869d ago

Honestly when Noctis see's Stella for the first time when she's in that white dress it reminded me of when Squall met Rinoa for the first time at the Garden party

Kurisu2869d ago

I completely agree, that's the first thing I thought about when I first saw that scene.

jc485732869d ago

Yea, Noctis kinda reminds me of Squall.

_Q_2869d ago

Only one difference stands out as main reason VS13 is gonna be of higher quality... One console in mind. When Square doenst have to plan for more than one platform traditionally the game looks likes a showpiece. I think of the GC Final Fantasy games. I couldn't believe how good they looked compared the other games out at the time. Square makes sexy looking exclusives. Their multiplats havent been too nice as of late. I'm hopeful about this game but im still reserved...


Besides of the exploration, NPC's and more things FF XIII didn't have.

_Q_2869d ago

I just meant more or less what stands out to me. I know the fundamental gameplay/universe differences.

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The story is too old to be commented.