Halo 2 for Vista at GC 2006

Halo 2 is coming to Germany. Matt Priestley, the port's producer, made the announcement today at Bungie's website.

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TheMART5378d ago

XBOX games coming to the PC after a couple of years is no threat to exclusives.

Actually it's a good thing. For company's larger possibilities to sell their franchise, but keep it exclusive on the console compared to other consoles. Best of both worlds, more money to invest in new games.

PC/360, Live anywhere, DX10 on PC/360 and no other console, XNA on PC/360

The combination is impossible to defeat. I am curious how Halo 2 will look like on PC!

The_Firestarter5378d ago

I really hope that Halo 2 will look 10x better than it did on Xbox. Vista is a whole new DirectX built from the ground up, with a better architecture and foundation, this is my thoughts. It'd be kind of cool if Halo 2 on Vista could be comparable to Halo 3 on X360! :P