Playing Video Games With Dad Builds Better Daughters

Kotaku: Do video games make girls healthier and happier? A brand-new study out of Brigham Young University's School of Family Life suggests they do, as long as parents are willing to play along.

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Shani3795d ago

Nice read. It is nice article.
I suggest people should checkout pdf file linked below article as well.

Shani3794d ago

I wonder why no one is approving this article. I guess no one likes to read a little.

kneon3794d ago

Well it finally got through, but without any trash talk, hyperbole and blatant stupidity it's hard to get approved. I submitted a good article last week that I thought would get approval, but without a ridiculous flamebait title it's still sitting in limbo.

Shani3794d ago

Yes, sometimes it happens. But I am glad to see this article approved. It is definitely good one. (I am not girl but)I am going to show my dad this article that we should play togethor.
Other than him, we all play Monopoly togethor. I guess that will be the first game he might play with us.

ActionBastard3794d ago

Every chance I get, I game with my girls. There's nothing better.

creeping judas3794d ago

One girl and one boy here. The girl is the older and loves Fable2 and Fable3. The younger brother likes them too, but apart from destroying the bad guys he doesn't really understand what he is doing.

And of course when the daughter wants to play she wants to play Monopoly Streets, which I despise as a game.

Spitfire_Riggz3794d ago

I actually remember playing Super Mario bros with my dad when I was younger. I loved every minute of it, when I have kids ill be sure to play with them =)

kneon3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

We're playing GT5 right now. I play video games with my girls every day. But we also play games that are considered off limits by the article, COD, Killzone, Resistance etc. But my oldest is 16 and she's quite mature so I have no problems with her playing these games.

Besides it's kinda of funny to watch her get a 25:1 KD in COD and hear the whining from the noobs who just got pwned by a girl :)

Question_Mark3794d ago

This is actually a pretty good read, which is sometimes rare on N4G.

DreamTension3794d ago

My daughter is about to turn 5 and we love playing Eyepet and searching for easy bubble filled LBP2 levels. Goods times...

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