Could PS3 be turning into PS4?

With the advent of streaming game technology such as OnLive could it be possible that the PS3 is already making a transition to the PS4?

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omodis4203794d ago

Cool idea, but it would never happen. Ever.

otacon683794d ago

When it comes to features I think it already turned into PS4 with 3D and move...

just_looken3794d ago

sony said b4 with the ps2 if its selling well they will keep it in production. we will probably see ps2's finally disappearing off shelfs and the ps3 become the ps2 and the ps4 become the ps3.

slyrunner3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

No I wont, for one. need a soild Internet connection. Not everyone has one "need" a Internet connection to begin with, not everyone has Internet. Nor once to be online while gaming
3.streaming can be a huge problem, once you conduct fixing with servers, no one will be able to play during the time being.
4. It will be region locked, becuz of the limitations of different ips

That said, I do not believe that this will be a main stream, yet again, we do have steam for pc, but yet, games sell more on phyiscal copies rather than digital

The_Zeitgeist3794d ago

I think your point about a solid internet connection is dead on. I think that it would be pretty much the only thing stopping one of the big three from trying the idea out.

MisterAV3794d ago

but on steam you download the game. With onlive you stream video and send the button you press. It will be impossible to do something fast. Just think the lag between you and the server and obviously you will never have 60fps on screen.

The_Zeitgeist3794d ago

Have you tried OnLive? It works pretty good. It's not perfect but for still being in the BETA the results are very promising. I think the authors point about Steam was to use it as an example of how much more open Sony is with developers.

AKA3794d ago

no please, i want the ps4 next year in 2012
let the ps3 become casual on that year and give us the hardcore a ps4!!!

gunnerforlife3794d ago

nono its has not become long enough yet give it another 2 years or 3.
i do not care if xbox3 comes out a year or 2 ahead of ps4 as long as sony makes the most powerful console out of the 4, if it comes out 2 years after the xbox3 i can promise you itll be alot more powerful then xbox3

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The story is too old to be commented.