First Look: Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard

Razer’s Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard is the peripheral maker’s first MMO keyboard. In fact, this year is a huge year for Razer, after revealing the Switchblade, and practically announcing the release of the Onza Xbox 360 controller, Ferox portable speakers, and the Hydra motion controllers. Thing is, we have no idea when the rest will be available…but the Anansi is in my office right now.

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Platinum3795d ago

it doesn't appeal to me but i wonder how well it works with DC Universe?

dirthurts3795d ago

Why doesn't anyone make a nice subtle looking gaming keyboard?
Not all gamers flip out when the see LEDs all over the place...
On a side note this does look pretty slick. And Razer makes good stuff.

Karum3795d ago

backlit keyboards are awesome, unless you like to always play with the lights on.

Blaine3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I like LEDs that are *useful*. When I'm playing in the dark, it's nice to have LED backlights. It's annoying to have superfluous overly-bright ones in my peripheral vision though. And Razer does have a habit of sticking LEDs where they aren't needed (my mouse's scroll-wheel is burning a bright blue spot in my retina as I'm writing this).

Edit: At least I have the option to turn it off--which I just did.

Karum3795d ago

Yeah I have a Razer mouse also and it's nice to have the option to turn those lights off on the scroll wheel etc.

Lights can be useful and even cool at times, but as long as you are given the option to turn em off and on as you please, then everybody wins.

distorted_reality3795d ago

I think my trusty old G15 will stand the test of time.

This looks like it has less features than the G15 actually.

Karum3795d ago

I bought a Razer Lycosa there about a week or so ago to replace my G15...I had one of the original G15's with the blue lights on it and the lights were so dim that they were even hard to see with the lights out.

Wanted to try something different too so went with the Lycosa which is pretty cool so far.

The G15 was an awesome keyboard though.

distorted_reality3795d ago

Yeah i've got the orange one, back lighting is still going strong. Can't see myself replacing it any time soon, is a great keyboard.

Karum3795d ago

Had it not been for my backlighting I wouldn't have replaced mine tbh