Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Launches on PSN Today

Fans of Bionic Commando will be elated to know that Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 will launch on PSN today for $14.99 (the press material we received today stated 14.00 US; possible misprint?).

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JetLyfe4202907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

These PSN games need to go down to 9.99... and they need to stop charging tax on this bullshit, a 14.99 games leaves me with like 3.00 and change. cant buy shit with that but gay themes/avatars.

multipayer2907d ago

Quality downloadable titles have been $15 for awhile, but that tax predicament is BS.

schlanz2907d ago

For $15 the game needs to be exceptional. Shadow Complex and World of Goo are two such games that come to mind that worth well worth $15. Dead Nation might be, I haven't played it but it's had a lot of mixed reviews.

Games like Deathspank, Hoard, and Costume Quest, while fun, are not worth that price.

BCR is a great game, but imo not quite worthy of that $15 tier. And wasn't the first one originally $10? I could be wrong. I know I picked it up when it was on sale for $5.

JetLyfe4202907d ago

I agree schlanz, i have no problem paying $14.99 for a AAA PSN game. Thing is that there is too many games at $14.99 that just dont justify the price tag.

WildArmed2907d ago

Why have they kept the release date under wraps!?

Doing to get this game today.. SOMEHOW, but today!
<3 BC:R, Hope BC:R2 is just as awesome!

SpLinT2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

i want to get it now because ill miss out on the MP when it dies out... BUT KZ3 beta is tomorrow . And I still want to play bulletstorm, then R3....oh well. Ill wait for Rearmed 3 for the MP

Bathyj2907d ago

This is the sort of game I want to make on LBP.

WildArmed2907d ago

Sir, IF you do.
Please do post it or PM it to me.
I'm always up for some BC action, no matter where :D

Ahmay2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

yep... u have a grappling gun now....
and I just finished BC R.....

Bathyj2907d ago

Dont call me Sir, I'm a Sergeant, I work for a living.

That was a joke by the way. Not everyones a movie buff.

WildArmed2907d ago

Sir, I shall call you w/e the F. I want ;)

Plus, I was watching some good old time based movies where they keep going SIR this SIR that so it's stuck in muh head!
Still though, in all seriousness... if you ever make a BC level, make sure you make it known :D

JetLyfe4202907d ago

Bubbles for "stripes" reference lol