Be Yourself (or Not): Halo

IndustryGamers returns with another installment of our multi-studio interviewing tour. Our last interview with Lionhead Studios looked at the intricacies of the RPG and how gamer choices reflected upon game and player visual and experiential outcomes.

Today though, IG speaks with Bungie’s Joseph Staten on the Master Chief character from the popular Halo series. While Bungie has gone to greener pastures with an all-new action adventure franchise, their work with Halo is considered by many in the industry to be some of the best design out there.

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donniebaseball3795d ago

Cool, interesting Q&A. Seems like the idea of character formation for Master Chief, Cortana, etc all came later in the process.

awiseman3795d ago

It is indeed some of the best out there.

and im in b4 all the ps3 fanboys troll in stating its "Just another Generic shooter" It isnt.

GameScrub3795d ago

After playing reach I wanted to play the story and understand it so I bought Halo 1 and I was completely impressed at the production value of that game.

Once I finished that one I got Halo 2 and it's twice as awesome as the first. I'm starting to see the hype and awesomeness of halo.

Can't wait to finish Halo 2 to finally play Halo 3 and finish the trilogy.

I already played ODST and REACH and all the games are worth the money. Too bad I didn't catch it sooner.

Great Game