Four Videos of COD: Black Ops First Strike Gameplay (HD 720p)

Ve3tro writes: "Incase you’ve been living under a rock or have a life outside gaming, Activision today released the First Strike map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops exclusively timed on Xbox Live.

As usual we’ve recorded HD 720p gameplay from 4 matches to show what the maps are like incase your uncertain on purchasing them."

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Stunt3794d ago

The new maps look great!

just_looken3794d ago

so are you ready 2 pay top dollar? i wont f u Activision

Dart893794d ago

I wonder how many blind people threw their money at activision?

CernaML3794d ago

I could have sworn those were MW2 gameplay vids for a moment.

BabyTownFrolics3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

wow the n4g community is pretty shitty now a days

its so interesting that a gaming news aggregate would have a community so dedicated to hating gaming and the putting down of their fellow gamer. I can think of no other hobby where the folks involved treat each other so poorly.

if I see something in a store thats overpriced, like hdmi cables at best buy, I simply choose to not purchase the product. I dont stand around the store yelling at the cables, the employees, and random strangers about how this or that sucks. If I did I would escorted out for being an asshole to the approving cheers of the rightfully annoyed public.

yet doing that same thing anonymously online is just me giving my opinion.

the dlc is fun, if you dont want it dont buy it, and how about saving us some time and keep your redundant negativity to yourself.

edit: just_looken

are you serious? I'd pay $80.00 to travel back in time and punch your mom in the stomach to do the world a favor by ridding it of your stupid ass. I mean lets be real here, why the fuck do you come to gaming website with this shit. The reason the wii, ds, and 3d are popular is simply because gamers like gaming. there millions upon millions of gamers with varying tastes, and I respect all them and their choices (even if I disagree with them) simply because they found something positive in gaming just like i did and it is their money and they are free to do with it as they wish. I hate folks like you that just contaminate this site with shittiness.

just_looken3794d ago

your the reason wii/ds and 3d are popular you buy anything i bet you buy a bag of trash for $80

Inside_out3794d ago

Your absolutely right but it doesn't matter. It's always the same group of guys that play on a certain console that bitch and complain around here. Ignore them, they are the insignificant minority.

On topic...the maps look and play great. The game play as shown in these video's is the best this genre has to offer. I downloaded them this morning, took ten minutes and like COD has always been on 360, solid as a rock.

The haters can cry themselves to sleep tonight knowing that this dlc will probably out sell all the games that have been sold this year...because people love COD and it's game play.

xstation793794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

At baby: I feel the same way. You can't come into a article thats about a game you like and have a reasonable conversation about it. I would love to hear peoples honest opinion, but instead all you get are people talking shit about a game they never play. Trying to make you feel stupid for spending $15 on a game I love to play. Then they proceed to bring up how a game they love is much better than yours.

evilbart3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

well said,every COD article i see the haters are in straight away bashing the game in the first few comments,its almost like they sit at the pc waiting for a COD article so they can be first in with an insult.If you dont like it stop commenting and let us and the millions of others who do enjoy it continue to,there are plenty of games i dont like but i dont sit around waiting for an article just to bash them,i just skip over them so if you dont like COD get over it and spend more time reading about the games you do enjoy

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