3DS vs PSP2: a visual comparison

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rainbowfission2817d ago

Honestly either way I just think Nintendo's console will do better.


This is just like comparing the ps3 graphics to the 360 graphics and the ps3 will always win just like the psp2 will always win.

catguykyou2816d ago

I would say it's more like comparing a more powerful wii to a PS3.

3DS is a day one purchase for me. NGP I will have to wait a year or so until the price drops to about $250.

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Kon2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

*Waits till someone comes here and tell this is a fanboy article*

Otheros002817d ago

It looks like a kindergartner draw these. It also looks like kindergartner logic. Friend codes are LAME AND F**KING RETARDED.

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halo4fan2817d ago

Lol PSP 2 need some games.

GodofSackboy2817d ago

People always say Sony consoles have no games, when the 3DS is packing some gay, manga shit games and people act like it's the second coming

NGP launch lineup:
Hot Shots Golf
Gravity Daze
Reality Fighters
Smart As
Little Deviants
Monster Hunter Portable 3
Dynasty Warriors
Call of Duty

Tech demos/possible releases:
Epic Citadel by Epic Games
Dungeon Defenders
Metal Gear Solid 4
Yakuza 4
Lost Planet 2

These are the only ones they have announced

How can you say it has no games!?!?

catguykyou2816d ago

none of those games have been confirmed for launch. Also, Uncharted isn't being developed by Naughty Dog. That right there hurts the whole list.

I have been very very interested in trying out Monster Hunter since the first one came out on PS2 though. The NGP version might be it for me.


@halo4fan ....LOL...The 360 needs some games!!!! OH Wait,the 360 dose have games..U got gears 3 coming out and a bunch of lame ass kinect motion control BS.The 360 is the new WII.

Otheros002817d ago

Please call it "Nintendo Got Pwned" instead.

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The story is too old to be commented.