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"L.A. Noire is a paradox, it’s the kind of game all of you expect from Rockstar, an kick-ass sandbox with attitude and detailed to the bone. Frankly, I’m hoping for a meticulous gameplay, and a story deatached from old novels that illustrates the reality from 1940s, not just another GTA, where all the fun is in killing innocent people and jumping with the cars."

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Darkfiber3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Psst, Rockstar isn't making it, they are only publishing it.

Also, who wrote this? "Too bad that the action it’s not taking place in London, but this never stopped Rockstar to make a really good game. L.A Noire will arrive on April 5 and it will be avaible on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360." Do you guys not proofread or have editors?

DOMination3795d ago

People keep making this mistake about rockstar and this game. Also it's NOT a sandbox game

Kon3795d ago

No gameplay, no buy.

koh3795d ago

There will definitely be gameplay, I can assure you of that

globeofgamers3795d ago

Noted, thanks for the feedback. Also, I don't think Rockstar hasn't its influents in this game production.

Darkfiber3795d ago

I'm sure Rockstar has helped Team Bondi out, especially with financial backing and new tech, but the actual game itself they are not developing.