OXM UK: Bodycount preview

OXM: So many first-person shooters are about sending short, controlled bursts of fire in the direction of camouflaged men in a grey and brown world of military codewords and imminent danger. C'mon, guys, why so serious? Bodycount isn't. Bodycount's colourful enemies stumble, teeter on high ledges and blow up and die theatrically, spilling big shiny orbs with glowing symbols in them everywhere when they hit the ground. Its guns are over-the-top pieces of superweaponry with huge clips, exaggerated recoil and ribcage-juddering sound effects. "Please be advised that death terminates your Network Operative privileges," says the pleasant robot-voice in the protagonist's head when he's absorbed a few too many bullets. Good Lord, is that... a sense of humour?

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Cajun Chicken3795d ago

After reading this, this game has me interested in this the same way as Bulletstorm does.

Convas3795d ago

Yeah, I was just thinking that same thing. I wasn't all that interested in it a while ago, but after seeing the latest trailer, and seeing how the game seems to be progressing nicely now that Black has left.

Hmmmmm ... food for thought.

Cajun Chicken3795d ago

Those intel orbs totally look Crackdown'ish.

jay23795d ago

REALLY unsure on this game.