GTR Episode #278 - NGP Roundtable & Dead Space 2 Review

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*Next Generation Portable Roundtable
*True Or False - Feat Special guest
*@Curtis07 said: @gamertagradio @Paustinj question for paustinj. he made a comment on the last show bout any handheld sony brings out will be a failure compared to N3DS. So After hearing bout the psp2, what r ur thoughts? Does Sony have a chance??
*Email by @Blackchaos903
*@LegoBro said: @gamertagradio Question for tonights show-When will Microsoft lets us know about there game line up for the year? So far its not great!
*Dead Space 2 Review - "Dead Space 2 is a f***ing masterpiece"
*DJing this week @Peterocc

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trounbyfire3793d ago

don't hate me for this but doesn't GTR have a reputation for being a 360 fanboys..,no exactly the target demo is it

funny how people say i don't want to play console games on a portable but its is not just "real games" there are casual games as well