Tokyo: A tame 3DS kiosk appears

Destructoid: Not wild. Tame. Tame as in there's no one in line to play these things. Pre-orders are sold out all over Tokyo, but when I went to Bic Camera in Shinjuku to get in some 3DS time on these demo stations, the roped off area for a line had no line! I got my time in and stood back to see if anyone else wanted a go. Nada. A few return trips from some younger kids, sure, but not much else. Maybe they had their fill at the recent Nintendo World 2011 event here in Japan.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2911d ago

HaHa, If It Was A NGP It Would Have Been Overloaded With People From All Around The World

eagle212911d ago

maybe because grown people with jobs pre-order 3DS unlike the falsehood facts of internet trolls on n4g who believe only kids buy Nintendo.

liveActionLeveler2911d ago

I wish I could play a 3DS kiosk right now at best buy or someplace in the U.S.