IGN: Resistance 3 - Four Years Later

With Resistance 2 now a distant memory of towering boss fights, complex and convoluted multiplayer and ultimately mixed responses from gamers and the wider media, all eyes were on Insomniac today.

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velocitygamer3794d ago

The weapon wheel had me sold.

mightyboot3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

old school style :) it just works and its fun.

ComboBreaker3794d ago

Just watch the trailer Mint posted. Pure awesomeness.

Pixelated_Army3794d ago


Thank you! Oh my f**king god that looks badass!

PS3 rapes xbot culo!

BattleAxe3794d ago

Thanks MintBerryCrunch,

Looks fantastic, and i love how you can actually aim down the sights this time. As far as this guy at IGN goes, the multiplayer wasn't complicated lol You gotta be stupid to think that. I liked Resistance 2 quite a bit, bit the single player just wasn't as good as the first one. I didn't care for Resistance: Retribution as I thought it was boring, but I did like Grayson as a character. I hope they keep co-op as part of the online experience.

Resistance FTW

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ABizzel13794d ago

Thank you insomniac. This sounds like the best version of them all. The mechanics of the first game, with the the continued evolution from the 2nd game. Just add a little horror into the mix, and the Resistance 3 may go into my top 5 for PS3.


Uncharted 2
God of War 3
Killzone 2 (looks like 3 will take this place, and may bump someone off)
LBP 2 (Would be up there with U2 and MGS4 if the online worked. I understand you can play around the world, but my goodness it's unplayable with random people. This was a problem in the first game that should have been fixed in the second. But it's still one of my favorite games.)

deadreckoning6663794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

My most anticipated game this year :)

EDIT: The force is strong with the disagree fairies 2day lol.

just_looken3794d ago

'ets hope the sp wont be a scripted boring mess like 1/2 especially the boss fight in the city against the 100ft monster way 2 scripted.

Sevir043794d ago

i love it!!! shedding tears, insomniac said the game looks a plays vaSTLY DIFFERENT THAN THE FIRST. NO MORE REGEN HEALT. WHICH MEANS SURVIVAL AND TACTICS are a must. you cant charge and gun sling.... love what i'm seeing.

CaliGamer3794d ago

He ends off the article by talking about the color style of the game.

When these people mention that are they implying that the PS3 can't produce color? Art style is art style, I don't understand the need to mention the color choice of a developer. Kinda annoying really.

On topic, can't wait for this game. Good stuff.

Forbidden_Darkness3794d ago

And it's stupid, because we as fans loved the original Resistance for it's darker, gritty style graphics and they listened, by putting it back into R3, yet IGN for whatever reason, just love to complain.

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The story is too old to be commented.