Nintendo vs Piracy: A Lost Cause?

Piracy is one of the biggest enemies of the entertainment industry and may have started with the distribution of movies recorded in the cinema and distributed through VHS copies. As time went on, piracy began to become easier for the average person. Cassette tapes and CD Burners allowed people to record their favorite albums and pass them along to their friends; some people could even make a small fortune selling these pirated albums. It would eventually poison the video game industry as well. Nintendo's recent comments about the 3DS being pirate-proof will surely inspire hackers to make the handheld a "piratable" platform. Has Nintendo signed their death wish?

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ComboBreaker2815d ago

that only Ninjas can beat Pirates.

Xander-RKoS2814d ago

They're based in Japan, so they probably have Ninjas. Also only Pirates can beat Ninjas....*mind blown*