Ubisoft eyes up Kinect IP conversions

The likes of Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Ghost Recon and Rayman could hit motion controller.

Publisher Ubisoft has said that it is considering Kinect adaptations for all of the brands in its popular stable of IP.

The company has already enjoyed big success with Microsoft's Xbox 360 motion camera, claiming third party market leadership on both sides of the Atlantic thanks to launch titles such as Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Fighter's Uncaged and Motion Sports.

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zootang2818d ago

So now there won't be a problem with games that are not specifically made for a certain product?

gamingdroid2818d ago

It's never been about a game being made for a specific product, but more about the experience being made for a specific product.

It could be a cool mini game that is specifically made for Kinect or it could be an entire game.

I just don't want half ass ports of game experience with control schemes adapted instead of created for. Control schemes is something that has to tested, retested and retested.

Kinect unfortunately doesn't have 30-40 years of evolution that the traditional game controller have had....

BattleAxe2818d ago

This is just getting stupid.

just_looken2818d ago

looks like you will need that wearhouse to mimic ac2 moves. ill just stick to the fight/kz3/sc

Ryudo2818d ago

Can I please at least read ONE SINGLE 360 article on N4G without seeing KillZone 3 mentioned please?

TreMillz2818d ago

you will when it matches the number of times people wrote Forza in GT5 articles.....which is still a longs way off.

Ryudo2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Difference is Forza and GT5 are 2 very comparable games, I can't think of any other good racing sims on consoles.

What on earth does KZ3 have to do with Kinect.....

Not to mention why does one faggotry excuse another?

Eddy: Your dog has just bitten my child, now my dog has to bite your child.

Tom: Your dog bites my child am going to shoot your dog.

Eddy: You shoot my dog am going to shoot your dog.

Tom: You shoot my dog am going to shoot you.

Eddy: You shoot me and going to shoot you back.

I mean come on maybe am just a little naive but I like to have a little more faith in humanity.

to the point of where the side that got wronged simply decides to leave it there instead of continuing an endless circle of retardity?

slate912818d ago

When admins start doing their jobs on 360 articles you will be able to. Till then, welcome to N4G, the PS3 site.

just_looken2818d ago

kz3 is a fps with move controls sense kinetic is a ps2 eyetoy ripoff that cant do fps's then ryudo ur correct kz3 dosent havy anything to do with kinetic because kinetic's only competition is last gen motion control units.

fireplace2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

It's ok if you're just looken, as long you're not commenten.

Stealth20k2818d ago

on rails or shovelware. Not giving us much of a choice.

Leave assasins creed, splintercell, prince of persia alone

Goeres2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

On rails indeed..

Edit: well, it worked out great for Harry Potter, so I say.. bring on the rails!

Infernostew2818d ago

The masters of Wii shovelware are eyeing up their next victim.

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The story is too old to be commented.