The used games/used cars argument

Need to continue supporting online-enabled titles justifies pre-owned Online Passes, Homefront dev claims.

It's an argument often trotted out whenever anyone attacks the pre-owned market – "You don't see Toyota demanding a cut from the sale of a second hand Corolla."

But Kaos Studios, the developer behind THQ's upcoming shooter Homefront, says that the video games market can't be considered under the same light.

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SuperStrokey11233794d ago

Ok you need to support the game by charging for online passes, that makes sense until you realize that the cost of the servers in wrapped up into the inital cost of the game.

What difference does it make to run a server if one person plays 100 hours on it or 2 people play on it for 50 hours each? It doesnt. The defence he is using is flawed. Online passes are not evil but they certainly are not what the publishers are pretending they are.